Before you fix an appointment with alimony attorneys to seek help on finalizing the alimony amount, you would need to do some homework before that. Unless you know what the alimony amount is that will let you lead a comfortable life after separation, it would not be possible for the alimony lawyer to get the best decision in your favor.

The evaluation process alimony attorneys

To get a fair idea about the alimony amount that you need to ask from your ex, you would need to evaluate your needs first. Before getting divorced, the household budget would have comprised funds to meet your spouse’s needs as well. Once you are separated, a new household budget needs to be worked out. This one should comprise of expenses that will be done in the house after the spouse has left. Do factor in your income if any, as well as funds that you would get by selling joint assets. The best thing to do is to get in touch with a financial consultant who would be able to guide you on the possible expenses that would be required in the post-separation phase.

Factors to keep in mind

While filing your case, you need to make note of one thing. The court would be governed by the state laws when it comes to deciding on the alimony amount. It is not so that whatever amount you ask for alimony, the court will grant that. Even if you the most aggressive spousal support lawyer fighting your case, the court would still stick to certain guidelines as laid down by the state. The common things that are being factored in by the court while deciding on the alimony amount are:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The mental and physical health and age of the parties
  • Parental responsibilities if any
  • The monthly earning potential of each party, especially the earning capacity of the dependent spouse
  • Tentative and justified expenses that would be incurred by each party
  • Whether paying the alimony money will lead to both parties maintaining a stand of living that the couple was used to before divorcing.

If the dependent spouse needs time to get trained or educated to start supporting himself or herself, he or she can claim for a rehabilitative alimony. This is a form of alimony which is paid for certain duration, until the time the dependent spouse gets employed and starts earning. Adultery or domestic violence does not have any impact on the alimony amount. However, they can be used by the divorce lawyer alexandria va to influence the judge’s thoughts about the concerned partner.

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