Interior shutters: Know the usefulness of Plantation and Faux wood shutters

Interior shutters   are also well-known as indoor shutters. These may be built for your house windows to give a distinct appeal. With respect to indoor shutters, there are different shutter types to pick coming with different options, styles and materials.


Plantation shutters


Plantation shutters are the desired shutters type sold highly in the shutter store. This is because plantation shutters allow light freely to enter the house when the window is kept open and thus you can save energy and exude elegance.  Plantation shutters prices are affordable and the attributes of having wide louvers makes it more attractive as window shutters. These large slats offer clear and better view of the window and thus allow abundant light within. The stiles are the vertical pieces allowing the louvers the ease of movement.


Indoor plantation shutters


There are four indoor plantation shutter types that are custom window shutters namely, Polywood, Ovation, Studio and Reclaimed Wood Shutters.

  • Polywood Shutters: This is made of synthetic premium wood substitute. These do not split, chip, warp or crack. The paint colors on these shutters do not fade over time as the paint is baked on each shutter.
  • Ovation wood shutters: These are hand built with teak that is of furniture-grade and is available in various stains enhancing the current décor and wood trim.
  • Reclaimed wood shutters: These are crafted and so each wood piece is unique making it overall a functional shutter featuring modern artwork.


Faux wood interior shutters


Faux wood interior shutters are a wonderful option of interior decorating. Combining faux in association with wood shutters mean the window has a customized choice in an affordable way. These are also cost-effective than the regular wooden shutters and also offer the benefit of being maintenance free. The faux wood does not fade, warp, peel or chip, making it ideal for dry or extremely humid climates. Faux wood is an ideal material for bathrooms window interior shutters. The humidity from the whirlpool, Jacuzzi or steam shower does not cause any damage to the synthetic material.


Shutters offer the required privacy. The shutter materials can vary, same as the louvers size vary and this depends on the decorative look it offers to the room you consider interior shutters. Shutters are an investment and so check with wood shutters store near me to know about the different indoor shutters styles and colors available and also the interior shutters discount offered with lifetime warranty.

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