Real Wood vs. Faux Wood Interior Shutters – Which is Better?

Faux wood interior shutters are now getting more and more popular among homeowners. When you speak of faux or fake, this simply refers to those shutters made out of other things aside from wood. There are some made from vinyl and other types of synthetic materials, and there are others known as composite wood, which are made of density fiberboard. This is a form of chemically engineered wood that was broken down to fibers. But, would be worth it to invest in faux wood shutters, or will you be better off with the real thing?

Benefits of Real Wood Shutters

Real wood shutters are considered as the most durable choice and with the highest strength to width ratio. Although these are usually more expensive, these also tend to last much longer, thus making them more cost-effective. For those who plan to stay in their house for a long time, or those who like to add more value to a property when they sell it, the real wood shutters are often a great way to go. Real wood could be used for bigger panels. Wider panels made from synthetic materials are going to sag. You can also paint or stain real wood in different colors, while synthetic materials will only be limited to beige and white shades.

Benefits of Faux Wood Shutters

The number one benefit of faux wood shutters is none other than the cost. Synthetics are around 10 to 30 percent cheaper compared to wood. These are the best option for children’s rooms or nurseries which might require décor changes more often than the rest of the rooms in your house.

In places were shutters will have to be subjected to steam or moisture, like kitchens or bathrooms, composite wood or real wood shutters can crack, flake, or warp, and the finish could end up damaged. Thus, a poly or vinyl shutter will be more preferable. These will also be better in humid places where windows are often left open most of the time. Take note that the problem here is moisture and not heat. Although others believe that heat is the cause of warping of wood, this is not really the case. But, real wood shutters are not ideal for exterior use.

There is really no right answer for everyone or every room when it comes to the best window shutter store bethesda. What’s important here is to ask questions and look around to find the one that best suits your needs.


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