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Things You Should Know Before Renting a Tent

The right tent rentals can make the best atmosphere for your next event. Tent provides a blank canvas that can be easy as or as refined as you wish, providing you the ultimate range of original expression.

As you begin the planning process, here are a few vital things to keep in mind when renting a tent:

What are my  tent rental options?

There are 2 primary kinds of tents accessible. Frame tents are supported by a framework of pipes in the ceiling. These can be as little as 10 x 10 (about the size of a little bedroom) or as big as 40×240 providing you 9,600 square feet (about the size of swimming pools). Frame tents have no middle support poles providing you can clear view once inside. Frame tents can be weighted or staked meaning that it can go on many surfaces from cement to grass or asphalt.

Tension or Pole tent has all tall center poles supporting the middle of the tent providing the tent a peaked roofline. Pole tents must be staked in grass, which can restrict where they are located. Time little pole tent is 20×30. Big pole tents are accessible in 80 or 100 feet width and can come in a range of lengths.

How do I get the best size?

Wedding tent rentals will job with you to make sure the best size, which is based on your tent place (shape, size, and limitations like power lines or trees) and how you want the area to function. If you were planning a wedding reception for two hundred guests with round tables, buffet dinner, dance floor, head table, cake table, two bars and DJ, you would need a 40×100 tent to contain everything under the tent.

Before you begin pricing tents, you will need to know the following:

  • How many on the guest list
  • The date of the event
  • Where the tent will
  • What will be taking place inside the tent (entertainment, presentations, dancing, dinner)?

You will also need to think about extensions cords, lighting or perhaps even renting a generator to power everything required under the tent. You may have to rent an additional little tent for them to use as a makeshift kitchen for food preparation. A professional wedding tent service Alexandria va will do all these jobs for you at a very affordable price.

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