Top Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Suit Every Dental Need

Every single day, different cosmetic dental procedures are performed in dental office all over the world. Many cosmetic dentists make use of a combination of dental work and plastic surgery for them to complete the request of the patient.

Dental work can range from being a simple whitening procedure or it can also be as complicated as reshaping teeth. The cosmetic dentist is going to do the necessary procedures for you to have a bright and healthy smile and make it exactly as how you want it. After the procedures, you can confidently flash your biggest and brightest smile than ever.

So, what are the common cosmetic dental procedures that you can undergo to have picture-perfect pearly whites?

Teeth Whitening

There is so much more to teeth whitening than buying a DIY box and trying it at home. Teeth whitening is basically a procedure in cosmetic dentistry which makes use of a laser to help whiten your teeth, often in a span of an hour.  This can get of those ugly stains on your teeth. If you have uneven or crooked teeth, you can disguise the shortcoming by having whiter teeth.

Dental Veneer

Another common cosmetic dental procedure is dental veneers which can be done in the dental office within one or a couple of visits. If you have discolored teeth and whitening treatments no longer work, you can go for dental veneers instead. The tooth veneers are being placed on top of your natural teeth to achieve a brighter and whiter overall appearance. The porcelain veneers are said to be the strongest, longest lasting and most durable option today.

Dental Bridge

Dental bridge is another kind of cosmetic dental procedure performed in a dental office. The bridge is a great method of fixing any space in the mouth which can be the result of missing teeth or tooth that must be pulled out because of its health. With a dental bridge, the patient can still enjoy chewing their food as if all their teeth are intact. The best thing about bridges is that you don’t have to take them out, unlike partial dentures. A dental bride is also comfortable to wear, offering instant results.

Dental Bonding

A popular cosmetic dental work is dental bonding which needs several visits to your dentist for you to get your dream smile. If you have natural defects which cause the appearance of spots on the teeth or there is a gap in the teeth, dental bonding could be of great help. The dentist places a thick layer of material for bonding the teeth. A laser beam will then be used to help in hardening the substance to create a bond which can last for a long time.

Gum Surgery

For a healthier smile, gum surgery might also be necessary. There are instances when gums are bigger sometimes that can make you nervous if you are experiencing such problem.

It is very possible for you to get that perfect smile. Just make sure you look for the top cosmetic dentists northern va to do the job.

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