What are the Top Questions to Ask to Your Domestic Violence Lawyer?

Domestic violence is abuse by one or more persons with whom an individual, the abused, lives.  This is frequent in married couples, although it can also occur in other kinds of relationships in the domestic sphere. The harm inflicted can leave emotional and physical trauma on the victim, and a domestic violence lawyer can help the abused person to seek protection and leave the area. Here are top questions to ask to your lawyer. The abuse can be mental and sometimes, although not always, physical abuse. In some cases, it can occur in the form of behaviors such as stalking, physical threats or harassment.

How will you represent me?

A domestic violence lawyer can represent you in making request for a restraining order and setting the ball in motion for the court proceedings that are supposed to follow. He can also help you in using the family home, seeking a divorce, opting for property partition and seeking the custody of kids, if you have been married with your partner. He can also ensure that you can prosecute your abuser in a criminal suit and secure food, housing and income assistance.

How will communication happen?

Transparency and confidentiality are necessary in cases of abuse. You need to be comfortable in confiding in your attorney, and sharing all the details that can be relevant. He will address any issues that you might have with proper communication and work with you to make sure that you are safe and well-guided. He will inform you about how often he will call with updates regarding your case.

Do you specialize in such cases?

Find out whether the primary area of practice of the lawyer includes cases of domestic violence. There are cases involving many types of abuse. A lawyer who specialized in domestic violence cases is aware of the special laws related to the same, and can ably help you with property disputes, child custody, divorce and other associated matters.

What will be the cost?

It can be costly to hire a criminal defense attorney Rockville md. There are various expenses involved with legalities such as preparing and filing paperwork in court, getting sufficient evidence to represent you etc. While some lawyers have hourly charges, others have a flat fee. Some others offer services at a reduced cost or entirely for free, i.e. they are pro bono service providers. You should have a proper idea about the billing methods and the services covered in the expense.

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