What is an assault in the world of law and order?

The assault is defined as an attempt to harm a person with a contact or threaten to do so and you need to hire assault charges attorney, if you are a victim or an accused. The assault is done with intent to cause injury or forthcoming fear of injury to another person. Methods of assaulting vary as direct and indirect assaults. Direct assault includes the attack on a person with direct hitting or contact. Indirect assault is just reverse of above. Victims are assaulted by indirect means in this case.

Consequences of assault charges

An assault is a serious crime as it includes criminal penalties on the accused. The penalties can be a prison, jail or a fine. Other than these, there are some collateral consequences of assault crime too. The persons convicted of an assault cannot get the job where a background check of the employees is required. They also do not get homes for rent, as many of the landlords have started to perform background check for the applicants. An assault convicted person does not get license for certain occupations, reputed colleges and institutes also deny the admission of that applicant. Many of the government documents are rejected for a person convicted of an assault. But, the consequences may vary from one country to another.

Types of assault charges

Depending on the severity of the injury to the victim, the degree of charges of assault is applied. Two main degrees of assault apply in most of the countries- first degree assault and second degree assault.

  • First Degree Assault– When great bodily harm is inflicted or if the assault is committed with deadly force, first degree assault charges are applied to the accused. The   accused may face a heavy fine or long period imprisonment.
  • Second Degree Assault- If a dangerous weapon is used as part of the offense, second degree assault charges are applied. Less fine and imprisonment are given to the accused facing such charges.

Attorneys defending the cases of second degree assault charges

Reputed and experienced lawyers are provided by the law firms to defend cases of second degree assault. A good lawyer reduces penalties and clients are able to get away with community services and probation of a lighter jail term. The second degree assault attorney md makes a good homework on the weapons used in the attack and the situation is also analyzed by the lawyer. Accordingly, punishments and fines are granted by the court.

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