Can hair transplant fail?

Can hair transplant fail?

The major question asked by many people who opt for hair transplantation is that whether 100 % success can be guaranteed in these surgeries.  They also want to know the circumstances that can lead to unsuccessful surgeries.  This information is needed for taking necessary precaution and to avoid such disheartening failures.

All you need to know about hair transplantation

Close monitoring of various activities of the technicians and surgeons involved in the surgical procedure can reduce the possibility of failure cases.  Failures can be caused if one or more of the below mentioned conditions are not closely monitored.


  1. Graft drying: If the grafts are exposed to air for more than 10-20 seconds, it may lead to the death of the grafts. As the grafts become smaller in size, the probability of risk increases. The risk can occur on many occasions like (1) immediately after the removal of graft, (2) during the trimming of the grafts, (3) during the transportation of grafts from one spot to another and (4) during transplanting.
  2. Graft storage: The solution in which the grafts are placed plays a crucial role in the survival of the grafts. If the grafts are kept for longer periods, the probability for survival reduces drastically.
  3. Graft handling: It takes time to move the grafts from the physiologic bath to the recipient area. The technicians or doctors, who do this, pile the grafts up in the finger hand. Delay of more than 20 seconds in this regard can lead to the premature death of the grafts.
  4. Graft placement: Placing the graft in the appropriate spot needs special skill and it may take around one year for acquiring this skill. It requires talent as the graft has to be placed delicately as crush injuries can lead to problems.
  5. Graft death: The graft has to be placed into the scalp at appropriate depth. More depth can lead to the death of the graft. It can also lead to the formation of pimples weeks after the hair transplant procedure
  6. Grafts which were destroyed: it has been found that some surgeons or technicians in the hair transplant near me simply throw away or destroy the grafts as they are too tired to continue the surgical procedure.

If close monitoring in the above areas can be ascertained there can be no disheartening issues like failure in hair transplantation surgeries.

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