Can sleep disorder cause hair loss?

Can sleep disorder cause hair loss?

Sleep deprivation results in stress. Stress can lead to hair loss. To avoid hair loss one must start immediate treatment in a sleep clinic near me. Temporary hair loss problems like telogen effluvium is produced as a result of this. It can expedite hereditary hair loss in men and women and increase the risk of forming androgen alopecia.

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Hair loss patterns for male and female are progressive and is sensitive to hormone DHT resulting in hair thinning. In women this thinning is experienced in wider area whereas in men it is usually concentrated around the top of the head. This is visible as receding of hair line and hair thinning in the crown.

If left untreated in a sleep clinic near me, this can lead to bald patches. If the underlying cause for ones hair loss is androgenic alopecia it can be further increased by sleep disorder like sleep apnea. Once the cause of the sleep disturbance has been identified through sleep study and remedial measures are taken, the sleep patterns may becomes normal.  But the hair loss condition will not be halted as it is a permanent and progressive condition. But the rate of falling of hair may decrease.  The reason for this type of action is that the route cause for hair loss is not sleep disorder, but the genetic condition.

If your hair loss is not due to genetic condition, then it can be due to your sleep related problems and such hair loss is known telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium can lead the follicles to rest period found in the hair growth cycle. This can induce unexpected fall of hair. Once the stress is brought under control and sleep pattern is restored, normal production of hair will start and it will take around six months to complete the full growth and become noticeable. If telogen effluvium continues for more than six months it becomes to be known as chronic telogen effluvium

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Hair loss treatments are available for female pattern hair loss and for tolegen effluvium. This treatment helps to diffuse hair growth. It also helps in the growth of hair spurs. These treatments are mostly centered on a popular pharmaceutical component known as minoxidil.  Treatments with medications containing this component had been found to be very successful. This medication is suitable for treating other hair loss conditions also. If you have any problems like hair shedding, baldness etc caused as a result of sleep problems contact a well known sleep doctor germantown md immediately and start treatment before the condition becomes severs and not treatable.

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