Create Your Brick Patio Design with These Unique Brick Patterns

Create Your Brick Patio Design with These Unique Brick Patterns

If you have plans to install new flanged flooring in your patio, a brick patio design is one of the best options you might want to consider. Brick is a hard-wearing material that will never go out of style or fashion. Bricks can also look grand all year round. There are different patterns of brick patio designs you can choose from. The best thing is that all these patterns are guaranteed to transform your patio into an elegant and unique part of your home.

Running Bond – Exclusive Pattern for Your Patio

It is rather simple pattern although this is a multitalented one among the rest of the brick designs. The pattern focuses on irregular rows of wonderful looking bricks in the same arrangement. It means that all of the rows stay in the same position. It confers a classic look that you can often see in patios and pathways in many parts of the world.

Circular Pattern – Your Dreamy Pattern

In generally, the circular patterned brick designs are one of the most admired and popular choices you can try. These also happen to be the most arduous as far as installation is concerned. The bricks are basically laid in circular patterns extending off a chosen central point. These brick designs of circular pattern can add a touch of sophistication and class in all outdoor spaces.

Herringbone Pattern – A Unique Patio Design Pattern

In this pattern, you have to lay the bricks in eye-catching diagonal rows in sporadic directions. It will create an amazing zigzag look. In other terms, it’ll make a traditional and formal look that has been applied in the streets and outdoor settings for many years.

Basket Weave – A Majestic Pattern

It’s a pattern that compromise square and composed of two brings, but points in a different direction. Consequently, in the square, you’ll get two bricks that run in a horizontal manner. In addition to that, in an adjacent square, they’ll run vertically. This kind of brick pattern can be gorgeous visually, but pretty easy to install.

Stack Board – A Great Stacked Pattern

When compared to other patterns available, stack board pattern is absolutely the simplest brick patio design you can find today. All you have to do is to line up bricks at the edge of the patio. Just lay down such bricks one next to another. You’re supposed to put a brick over the other and you have to keep these even until you’ve reached the far end. Through this, you’ll wind up with a good looking pattern, which resembles the brick columns.

Variation of Running Bond Design

You can also consider a variation on running bond designs. It’s a good idea to begin at the middle of the patio through setting two bricks alongside. You can use more bricks for creating a balanced square around the center. It will give your patio a good look and there’s no need for planning too much with this pattern.

No matter what design you prefer for your brick patio, it is always important to hire only the best brick patio contractor long island because they know what you deserve and the right option to boost the value of your property.

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