Difference between patios and decks

Difference between patios and decks

Are you planning to get a patio, or a deck built inside your house, but you are confused between the two? In this case, knowing the difference between the two can definitely be very helpful. Ultimately, your choice will depend on what you think is more appealing and your lifestyle. Regardless of the one that you choose, make sure that you are reaching out to reliable backyard patio builders for this work.

In this article, we aim to tell you the major difference between a patio and a deck. By knowing the difference, you will be able to make a informed choice and decision.

Difference in Decks and Patios

To start with, let us define both of these. Simply put, patio is a term that comes from the Spanish language and it means ‘courtyard’. It is an open space that is surrounding by a border (typically walls of the house) or other structures. However, patio does not always have to be surrounding by walls like a courtyard. It is, however, similar to courtyards as it is an open space that people can enjoy.

Furthermore, patios can also be attached or detached from a house. Sometimes, they are designed to match the surrounding landscape and sometimes, they are designed to stand out. The choice ultimately depends on the preferences of the houseowner.

After all, your local patio builders will do just as you tell them to. Overall, patios are quite versatile. They can take many shapes and can be built using a wide range of materials that include bricks, stone, concrete, tile, and pavers. Furthermore, materials such as pea gravel, rock, and pebbles are also commonly used.

Mostly, patios go on top of concrete slabs, or a pebble base with sand. Sometimes, patios are built above the ground level. In this case, they require railings for safety purposes.

What are Decks?

Decks are made of either wood or vinyl such as Trex. There are many different types of woods that are used for the purpose of making a deck. These include cedar, treated pine, and redwood. If you take proper care of your decks, they can offer you a lot of warmth and beauty unlike other materials. Furthermore, you can even stretch out without a cushion on a deck if you want to and it will still be comfortable for you.

Just like patios, decks can either be freestanding or they can be a part of the house. Mostly, they are built for the purpose of views. Similar to patios, decks can also be above the ground level and may sometimes require safety railings. Furthermore, different types of composite deckings and woods are resistant to termites and other insects. These are far more reliable in the long run.

But before you talk with your local patio builders to build a deck, ask about the zoning laws in the area that you live in. These laws differ from place to place. So, make sure that you have properly checked the laws before you start the construction project.


Both decks and patios are similar in many ways, and yet very different. Still, both serve the basic purpose of adding more value to your house. In case you resell a house with a deck and/or patio, you are bound to get a higher value for the sale. But before hiring a patio contractor, read reviews and ask for recommendations. Choose only when you are 100% sure about the company’s reliability and experience.

Since it is a serious investment, always choose the best masonry contractors Long Island for such projects. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your money.


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