DIY Tips on Constructing Pavers Walkways

DIY Tips on Constructing Pavers Walkways

Pavers walkways are integral part of a house. These are visible and hence proper care should be taken in constructing them. They should be maintained properly. Keep them clean all the time. They need to look pleasant and catchy. Anyone stepping into the property will have a nice feel when walking through such neat and tidy walkaways.

Pavers over other materials

Pavers are often considered to be better material option when it comes to construction of walkways and patios. They are long lasting and provide the best value for money. Hiring a professional pavers walkways contractor can be a healthy solution to get the construction and installation part done without going through any trouble.

Doing it yourself

If you are planning to get the installation done all by yourself, then there are certain areas to consider. Most importantly, you need to have proper knowledge about the installation procedure. There are certain preparations to make.

The initial steps

Prior to the installation, it is necessary for you to get familiar with all the different types of pavers and bricks available for the purpose. It’s quite possible to get confused with the different types available in the market. And then there are also those that are structurally perfect as well decoratively beautiful paver design. Some of the different brick types available are building brick, glazed brick, clinker brick, and face brick. Learn about all these different types in order to have clear understanding of the options available. You need to pick the best one that will perfectly complement the beauty of your real estate property, while at the same time being robust and strong.

The paver installation process

When doing it yourself, the focal point is to have a perfect planning upfront. There should be a blueprint on how the finished structure should look like. Then, begin the work while taking all the necessary measurements. It’s absolute necessity to do the measurement properly since this will help in purchasing the right quantity of material. Dig the area properly, at least one foot deep.

Then place ¾ inch gravel stone into the area. Tamp it properly to ensure it stays down properly. Then spread sand over the gravel and get it tamped down as well. Use pipes to set the guides. The wooden screed board to be used should not be more than 8 feet longer. Post screening, borders need to be installed to create the shape of the walkway. Plastic brick borders can be used. Now it’s time to get the pavers/bricks in place. Different patterns can be followed to give an attractive outlook to your pavers walkways contractor. Basic thing is to ensure that these bricks fit perfectly or else you would require a cutter or splitter to get them back into shape.

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