Do I need a drain contractor or a plumber?

Do I need a drain contractor or a plumber?

Water related emergency can happen in every house at any point of time. It can be leak below the sink, block in the drain, or tap not working etc.  Most often some professional assistance will be needed to resolve such emergencies. Deciding whether the problem can be handled by a plumber or whether you need to call a drain contractor is not an easy thing for common man to decide upon. If you follow the straight forward guide lines that I am going to discuss below, you can understand the real situation in your house and a proper decision can be taken in this regard.

Drainage expert for waste water problems

Removing water from a property comes under the purview of drainage experts.  Some problems like non- emptying of the sink due to blockage in the drain is drainage related problem though it is manifested in the kitchen.  Relining and replacing of drainage pipes, unblocking the drains, dealing with bursts in the pipes laid outside your house are all normally considered as the works of a drainage contractor. Works like replacing toilets, sinks, basins, repairing leaks of the internal pipes, repairing dripping taps etc are normally considered as the work of plumbers.

In addition to repairing and removing the problems in drains blockages, the drain specialists are responsible for preventing the occurrence of the problem by knowing them in advance and doing some preventive maintenance works. Due to the ageing of pipes chips  cracks appear which pave way for the formation of surface fat that gets accumulated in due course of time. With the help of CCTVs the drainage companies inspect the drainage pipes to determine the condition of the pipe work and they recommend replacement of the drainage pipes wherever necessary. They also carry out high pressure cleaning with an intention to minimize the building up of clogging or obstruction to the smooth flow of fluids.

Removing foul waste

Irrespective of whether you use a septic tank for your foul waste or whether you use an agriculture service for managing the slurry, you will have to remove them at some point of time. Tanker service is a special program run by drainage services to hygienically remove the slurry from your house premises and to dispose them according to their convenience at some convenient place.  Safety in the transport of foul waste is essential as both animal and human waste has potential to create dangerous pathogens.
Depending upon the particular need of a house or a business establishment it may be necessary to perform a regular cleaning service or a periodical one by a specialist company. Work involving waste or its removal is not undertaken by plumbers.

Bathroom pipe problems

A faulty pipe in the bathroom one house can cause some problems in the nearby houses. So taking prompt action in bathroom drain cleaning manhattan is very crucial for preventing health problems in your house as well as in your neighbor’s houses.

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