How to Choose a Granite Color to Look Good with Kitchen Cabinets

How to Choose a Granite Color to Look Good with Kitchen Cabinets

Why granite countertops

Granite is one of the classiest stones available for kitchen countertops. They have always been ones first choice offered by kitchen countertop companies. As their classiness compliments a versatility of other things and their wide availability, durability and stylish colors adds on to the bag. But one major conflict everyone faces while choosing granite for their countertops are with the color.

First thing we need to be aware of are the different colors available. On a large scale there are six varietals all together – black, grey, green, rose, copper and gold, with black being most popular.

Like for any other room, the thumb rule for choosing the right granite for the kitchen lies by matching it with the cabinets or having a contrast against them. For example, a black granite countertop as against beige colored cabinet or a rose granite counterpart with a white cabinet. One can even go for neutral shades like grey or brown as they always strike a balance.

Kitchen countertops

If you are planning to revamp the kitchen by changing the counterpart then that’s an easy task as the cabinets are already there, one just needs to color co-ordinate them. On the other hand if you are trying to fix your new kitchen then do not hesitate to go to a store and check on different materials for your cabinet and if that goes well with your cabinet.

Generally, black granites are the safest and widely used kitchen countertops. As these look classy and go easily with any cabinet color whether light or dark. Moreover they include less maintenance like cleaning etc. As we know the kitchen countertops are more likely towards damage such as scratch, chipping etc hence black granites involve less maintenance as well.

Black granites are followed by copper and gold in terms of popularity, as they are subtle and provide an antique feel to the entire room. Though in these one can easily notice the damage and spots yet the delicate and faint color overpowers the negatives of the shade.

Whereas if you wish to have beige, white or cream color cabinet then you can opt for rose or deeper shades of rose as your countertop. These granites give a serene effect due to its pearly color and similarly green granites provide a visual impact to the eyes. They provide a soothing effect to the eyes.

If you are confused to choose your granite countertop centreville, va with your kitchen cabinets then look for an architect or interior designer.

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