How to Choose a Roof for Your Home

How to Choose a Roof for Your Home

If you are opting to buy a new roof, keep in mind that there will be a lot of choices that are familiar to you and those that you never heard about. In this post, you will be introduced to different options and what each one offers because you need to consider. It is crucial that you choose the right roof for your home because changing them after some time would be too costly and timely. In addition, deciding on this is not overnight because you need to speak to your roofing companies and they should tell you which type of roofing to get.

What to look for while choosing a roofing contractor

Weather barrier

Since the roof is what comes between you and the weather, it is crucial to pick a material that will give you a reliable shelter. It must be able to hold against snow and rain, can withstand strong winds, and last under the sun’s rays for a long time. This would depend on the climate of where you are and the shape and orientation of your roof. Not all roofing materials will do the best job at this, so pick the right one for you.

The cost

Use a tape measure to get your roof’s correct square footage to be exact. Shingles are available by the square foot, and every square cover exactly 100 square feet. In order to find out what your roof’s square footage is, get the measurement of the length and width and then multiply them. For instance, 180 square feet of roof area is measure by 10- by 18- foot. Count 10% more for the additional waste so it is 198 square feet in total.


When choosing a roof for your home, there are 2 warranties to consider. The cover of the manufacturer’s warranty includes the defects in the roofing material. Another warranty may be given by a roofing contractor to tackle problems that come from a bad installation. This is why you need to make sure that the product is from a known manufacturer because they have enough financial resources to support their warranty. This is also applicable to the contractor because a fly-by-night roofer might not be there even before the guarantee is due. It is crucial to read and understand the warranty properly to know what it covers. Some warranties can be transferred when the house gets sold but others only cover the material costs or get prorated after some time.

The slope of the roof

The roof’s slope is a thought that needs to be considered that may limit some possibilities with roofing, especially if there is a low slope. The slope of the roof is how many inches it goes up for 12 inches. For instance, a roof that has a 4 x 12 slope rises 4 inches per 12 inches of a horizontal run. A way of expressing the slope is using the term “Pitch” by the use of fractions. According to the height and width of the roof, the pitch rises over the roof’s span. For instance, if the width of the house is 38 feet and the gable hang 1 foot on all sides, it spans a total of 40 feet. Coming from the eaves up to the peak, it has a height of 10 feet which is the rise.

The majority of tiles, shingles, and materials like slate are accepted to be used for roofs that are 4 x 12 or steeper. Pitched roofs that are low or flat should be topped with seamless materials like gravel and tar that built-up or if polyurethane foam was sprayed. Otherwise, they are going to leak when there are water pools on the roof.

Pick the color you want

Roof shingles have a variety of colors that is appropriate for any type of home. There are greens, reds, whites, blues, and you can have custom colors too. If the color is darker, the roof will retain more heat. Lighter colors are best to make the attic cooler.

Choosing the right roofing contractor Greenwich CT to get the job done for you is as important as buying a house of your dreams because it will protect you from mother nature every day so pick wisely.

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