Important things a patient shall not do after hair transplantation

Important things a patient shall not do after hair transplantation

Loss of hair is a very daunting problem for those who have already lost their hair. Others who have healthy hair on their head in full strength are not able to visualize the graveness of the mental and emotional agony of such patients. But fortunately the modern medicine has developed some unique solutions to this daunting problem. Hair transplantation has become the vogue of the day and many are resorting to this method as it is a dependable solution. In this article I am going to explain some important aspects which any person who has undergone hair transplant surgery has to follow scrupulously.

Do not do the following things

  1. Do not expose your hair to direct sunlight for a couple of days after the hair transplant surgery as it contains UV rays which are harmful to transplanted hair. If you have to go outside for any emergency matter do not forget to tie a scarf to your head.
  2. Do not try to touch and feel the recently operated area. Itching, swelling etc are common after hair transplantation and do not worry about them.
  3. Do not drink liquor or any form of alcohol for one month after the surgery. Because recent research has shown that alcohol is a major cause for hair loss. So it is better to avoid alcohol completely for three months so that the transplanted hair grows healthy and forms your natural hair in due course of time.
  4. Do not take part in any sporting activity or vigorous exercise schedule for about one week. Minimal exercise however is allowable. Do not take part in any sporting activity which involve body contact like foot ball or wrestling
  5. Do not engage in any activity which can make you sweat as sweat can increase the possibility of getting some diseases. Also do not take steam bath or sauna set up for at least one month after hair transplant surgery bethesda.
  6. Avoid twisting or bending or lean forward postures for at least one week and try not to clean out your nose forcefully. Try to give proper care to your skull after the surgery for at least three months.

If you willfully practice the above mentioned points your transplanted hair will become a permanent success and you will be having the hair there as if they were there from your birth onward. Don’t be afraid if the transplanted hair falls after about one or two months. After this fresh hair will be growing in those places and they are going to be your permanent hair.

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