Jet/Vac Services – Make the Most Out of the Latest Technology

Jet/Vac Services – Make the Most Out of the Latest Technology

Jet vac drain services are pretty much a new technology used for cleaning out clogged sewer lines. This technology involves the use of high powered hoses and jets which can blast obstructions from sewer lines. It is a method used in cases in which traditional methods like snaking simply won’t cut it.

How Can You Benefit from Jet Vacuum Services?

There are plenty of cleaning methods being used, with some involving the use of disruptive techniques or chemicals which can damage the entire sewer system and the surrounding environment. Jet-vacuum cleaning is a kind of solution which will not pose any harm to the environment, not to mention that this is a safe option which is both efficient and economical. Jet-vacuum cleaning can remove debris, grime, roots, as well as other obstructions lodged in the sewer lines, which make it among the most effective methods for cleaning drains available today.

Solve Different Sewer Line Problems with Jet-Vacuum Cleaning

Jet-vacuum cleaning is a method most commonly used once the roots of trees have gotten into the sewer line which can cause a major blockage. Back in the days when this form of service is not yet offered by professional and expert plumbing companies, the traditional route was to dig the ground, locate the specific area of the sewer pipe which had the blockage then remove the replace the pipe. Obviously, this process required a considerable amount not only of time but also of money as this was very expensive. On top of that, the surrounding area is also at risk of getting damaged.

Thankfully, with the introduction of jet-vacuum cleaning, there will no longer be any damages that could be done to your lawn since the hose will be going into the line. It will then blast the high powered jets for as much as 3,000psi, and this can then obliterate the roots of trees in its path. It then significantly reduces the possibility of continual clogs, and this can also sweep away and remove any other buildups in the line.

There are now plenty of sewer and drain cleaning companies that offer this kind of state of the art service to their customers. With jet-vacuum cleaning, you can be sure that you will maintain clean and well maintained lines. It will eliminate possible problems with your sewage and drain systems so you can enjoy its use for the many years to come.


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