Retaining Wall Contractor – Useful Advice to Look After Garden Retaining Wall During Winter

Retaining Wall Contractor – Useful Advice to Look After Garden Retaining Wall During Winter

A retaining wall contractor knows that once days become shorter and leaves change color, it is a sign that winter is now around the corner. It is also the right time for you to check all hardscaping elements around your property, including your retaining walls and pathways for cracks and other damage signs. To avoid regrets by the end of winter months, here is a quick list of things you should check:

Plant Debris and Leaves

The falling leaves mass during autumn and winter seasons will end up blown up against permanent structures like your concrete retaining wall. Leave piles as well as other seasonal debris can hide lots of sins, specifically puddles of water that form up against the wall because of low quality backyard landscaping ideas grading.

That is why it is a must that you regularly dispose and sweep up leaves of and other debris from plants to let you easily let you see what is happening at the wall’s base. Piles of plant matter and leaves left to rot up against the wall will soon stain and discolor the wall, which can leave unwanted marks and encourage the growth of unwanted plants, such as fungi and weeds.

Growth of Weeds

Weeds are remarkable, thanks to their ability of growing pretty much everywhere, such as on or in panel retaining wall or stackable concrete block. The easiest way to maintain retaining walls is to take care of growth of weeds to pull out weeds once they first appear. You can also spray a weed killer on the wall before the weeds take hold of the structure and get out of hand.

Grading Problems

Every retaining wall must be designed and built in such as way that water and rain can drain easily. But, when you see a low spot where puddles are forming in front or behind a retaining wall, it could be because of the settling of compacted soil at the back of the wall. Although it might not be initially serious, it is something you cannot just ignore.

Your masonry contractor long island will advise you to pull back all landscaping, from groundcover, to turf, mulch, plants, and others, then add sufficient soil to prevent pooling of water and let proper drainage happen. Through filling the trouble spots, you can ensure of a lifetime efficient performance from your retaining wall, and make the most out of the investment you placed on it.


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