Septic cleaning – maintain your septic tank properly

Septic cleaning – maintain your septic tank properly

The septic cleaning is one of the essential tasks for every household, especially for the people who are living in rural areas or in most advance community. Make it clean and keep it updated can be tiresome process but it is important in terms of hygiene.

It should not be overloaded so routine maintenance is must. There are some common materials which can be time bomb for a septic tank so that need to avoided or cleaned as and when required:

Oil and Grease Septic cleaning

Excessive dumping of greases and oil into our home or industrial draining system can ultimately fill up the brim of the tank with solid and robbery sludge which can easily block the draining system. Oils and grease are extremely hard to breakdown so septic tank cleaning tools are needed to be applied.

Non-Biodegradable Materials

The non-biodegradable materials are something that will very quickly and automatically choke any septic tank. The napkins and other cotton products are something that you should use very carefully and don’t throw it out.

Kitchen Sink Grinders

Grinders which are attached with kitchen sink can bring more harm than benefits. Wrong utilization of grinders can make the drain system overloaded and create unavoidable clogging.

Nature’s Touch

Nature might have a big hand in damaging our septic tank. Shrubs and Roots of the trees which are planted just beside or above the tank can creep into the septic tank. It can break the wall of the tank.

There are lot of chemicals, used in household can damage the septic tank system. Bleaches, Pesticides, paints, solvents can create the drainage blockage. Because these chemicals have some percentage of oils that create solid mass of sludge which can be dangerous for septic tank. These chemicals kill the useful bacteria which can create the disintegration of solid waste in our septic tank.

Why need Restaurant grease trap cleaning?


Each and every restaurant kitchen in this world generates small or large amount of grease. From cooking steaks, frying vegetables in oil to grilling burgers, every kitchen staff members need to contend with the grease trap. Actually the trap catches grease before it reaches the drainage system. Oils cannot drain properly with water.

Restaurant grease trap cleaning manhattan is essential and need to be done on regular basis in order to the proper working of your restaurant. Kitchen is a heart of every restaurant business so performing regular cleaning of grease and other ill elements should not be avoided at any cost.


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