What is a sleep study center and how is it useful

What is a sleep study center and how is it useful

In a sleep study center, what a doctor essentially does is to diagnose the sleeping disorders of an individual along with other sleep related issues. There are millions of people from all around the world who suffer from sleeping disorders. So its proper research or study is quite necessary.


Research on Sleep


The medical professionals who carry out research on sleep have been using studies for many years now in order to both diagnose the problems related to sleep and at the same time to gather more data on the various aspects of sleep. With the help of these studies, the doctors can successfully map the various dimensions of sleep and have been able to understand the activity which goes on inside our brain and body while we are sleeping. These studies have proved to be very useful when it comes to enhance the knowledge to sleep but at the same time on how sleep disorders can be treated.


What is required to carry a Sleep Study?


When it comes to sleep studies, they are generally carried out in a hospital with the required facilities. Here is a brief insight into what is required:

  • A cluster of rooms in hotel style along with a bed
  • The room should also have a television set
  • There has to be an attached bathroom


There are Sleep Technicians who are deployed in the ward and they are the ones who carry out different kinds of tests, keep an eye on the patients and monitor them. Usually to be a subject of a sleep study, one needs to be recommended by his doctor.


The Sleep Research Procedures

When it comes to the research procedures, it involves different steps and phases. It involves monitoring various phases of the activity of brain, movement of the body, the rate of breathing, the level of oxygen in the blood. For those who undergo a study will have to go through all these procedures; besides, they can also be videotaped for future reference. These tests help the doctors to determine whether someone is suffering from any kind of disorder like sleep apnea or they are having any other issues while they are sleeping.

When it comes to patients with pregnant and insomnia, special care is taken while conducting the study. They are treated along with a pregnancy expert in order to avoid any mishaps which might occur during the test.

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