What Is Male Pattern Baldness And How To Treat It?

What Is Male Pattern Baldness And How To Treat It?

Being the most common hair type loss in men, male pattern baldness, which is also known as androgenic alopecia, is troubling millions of men around the world. Let us discuss as to what it is, what causes it, and why hair transplantation is the best treatment for it.

Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

Experts present numerous causes of male pattern baldness. It can be due to genes or simply the family having a history with baldness.

Overtime, research has found out that male baldness is related to hormones in males called androgens. The same hormones are responsible for regulation of hair growth. Each hair has a growth cycle. When male pattern baldness occurs, the follicles of hair start to shrink, the cycle of growth weakens that result in shorter and finer hair strands. Ultimately resulting in the growth cycle to end and hence no new hair grow.

Male pattern baldness that is inherited usually has no side effects. But sometimes it can also become serious such as in the case of cancers, medications, thyroid conditions and anabolic steroids. In such cases, it is always suggested to consult a doctor, as they will examine the situation and condition in different ways to know the intensity.

Risk Factors

Male pattern baldness can even occur during your teenage years, but it is more likely to occur during adult years as your age increases. Keeping in mind that genes play a huge role. It is worth mentioning that people who are close to those having male pattern baldness are likely to have the same issues as well. This holds true especially when the maternal side is concerned.


If you notice and observe that you are losing hair around the temples, it might be initial signs of male pattern baldness. For some men, it will start from a single bald spot. In other cases, men will experience receding hairlines that usually forms the shape “M”.

How To Hide or Treat Hair Los?


The first thing you can do is, ask your barber to give you a cut and shape your hair in a way that makes it fuller. This way, you will be able to hide certain bald spots and hair loss.


Wigs will cover up everything from thinning hair to complete baldness. You might as well would have seen wigs in different colors, texture and styles. Go with the style and texture that matches your original hair. For natural looks, professionals can also cut and style them as well.


For hair weaves to work, you should have enough hair. Hair weaves are basically sewn into your natural hair. The biggest advantage of weaves is that they stay on regardless of you taking a shower, swimming and sleeping etc. The drawback is that, it has to be sewn again when new hair grow, which can actually damage your natural hair during the process.


Minoxidil is applied over the scalp. It helps men with slowing down the hair loss and stimulated the hair follicles to give birth to new hair. However, it takes something around four months to a whole year for the results to be visible. In case you stop taking the medication, hair loss can take place. There are some side effects as well, associated with Minoxidil, which include burning, irritation and scaling of the scalp.

If you feel that you are seriously gaining weight, have chest pain and a heartbeat that is rapid, consult a doctor immediately.

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is considered as good method to treat male pattern baldness and any type of hair loss in men and women. If we lay it down simply, hair transplant surgery is a process of taking hair from thick area of your head or other parts of your body for grafting them on thin parts of your head.

The donor part is mostly the back of your head and the receiver part is the area on head where you have less or no hair.

For the procedure, you get numbing injections. However, if you want, you can also request for total sedation during the procedure.

If you want to undergo the procedure, you first need to select the best hair transplant doctors Towson and then get recommendation if you are eligible for hair transplants.

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