6 Common Car Problems And Their Solutions

6 Common Car Problems And Their Solutions

Cars are a gift of science. However, people don’t take enough care of them and this leads to problems. You need to take your luxury car to a Porsche repair specialist regularly for optimum performance.

Check out the following article about how you can protect your car according to certified Porsche mechanics.

  1. Faulty Spark Plug

Spark plugs are necessary for ignition. When a car doesn’t start, it is highly likely that there is a fault inside the spark plug. Over time, carbon starts deposition over them and they lose their efficiency.

Solution: It is best to replace them as soon as they wear out. The recommended replacement time is after every 10,000 miles.

  1. Flat Tire

This can happen anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

Solution: Have a spare tire with you at all costs. If you don’t know how to replace a tire, see informative YouTube tutorials. It is very easy once you get the hang of it.

  1. Failed Motor Starter

This piece of equipment is responsible for starting of the motor. It mainly depends upon factors such as corrosive springs, gears stuck inside the sliding shaft and solenoid failures.

Solution: Two words – service and maintenance. This will help remove the corrosion and lubricate your gears. Still, if the motor keeps on disappointing you, you can replace it with a little bit of money.

  1. Locked Out of Your Car

Imagine going on a party in another town and sub-consciously lock away the door, while exiting the car when keys are still inside.


Maybe when you locked the door, your hands slipped the key you were holding and now the car key lies in an underground road sewer. What will you do in such a case?

Solution: Always have an extra key. You can also utilize small reminders written on a thin paper stating “take your key with you” to ensure this never happens to you again.

Also, take note of the identity of your car keys. Because sometimes all methods fail and you have to prepare a duplicate.

  1. Faulty Alarm Systems

An alarm system is one of the ways through which your car remains safe. However, sometimes due to their complexity, alarm systems get faulty. They can also lose their optimum functionality via corruptness of one or more car sensors.

As a result, the car keeps on signaling false alarm and this gets irritating.

Solution: Replace the faulty system by a repair shop  at once otherwise your life may depict the popular story of “The Shepherd and the Wolf” i.e. your car may sound alarms when there is no danger and once there is danger, it won’t make any sound.

  1. Physical Dents

Dents are formed on an automobile’s surface when it is subjected to greater force. They look ugly and alter the beauty of the car.

Solution: Go to a professional repair shop and get rid of them.


If you are unsure at any point, visit a professional Porsche mechanic shop to check your expensive Porsche. While the methods you see on the internet, may or may not work, there is a guarantee that your car will perform much better if it is regularly serviced by professional auto repair shops.

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