6 Trending Hair Styles For Women in Hair Salons in 2017

6 Trending Hair Styles For Women in Hair Salons in 2017

Every year, some hair style requests in hair salons are made more than others, and 2017 is no different because the most hit styles of the year till now have been discovered. And the pick is certainly not one to disappoint you readers.

All the ladies who want to keep up with the times and bring out the beauty perfectly should head out to their hair straightening salons because picks have never been this sleek and straight before!

Without further ado, we shall now shed light on the hit styles for women in 2017 which many hair salons all over the world catered to.

  1. Short Platinum

This hair style (and color) is being promoted by celebrities including models and singers because it has such an elegant yet rowdy appeal to it which is quite unique. The shorter hair is easier to bleach so even if the platinum does not suit you and you would rather go back to your much loved blonde, the process will not be difficult at all. However, to tell you the truth, the platinum color is getting all the love these days.

  1. High Pony

If you feel your face does not do justice to your mesmerizing expressions, the high pony is the style for you! The tighter you secure your pony all the way up, the more luscious it will look as it flows back down, so you can be expecting many people getting the trimming required to pull off the perfect high pony in hair salons all around you.

  1. Silky Sleek

Hair straightening salons have found a lot of love this year thanks to this style, because people with healthy hair that are dense and well-conditioned can flat out their hair and let it go all the way down, producing a beautiful center paired shape that is quite certain to look great on any lady out there.

  1. Flat Waves

The name is an oxymoron simply because the haircut needed for this style results in a look that is neither too bouncy nor too hung up. Hair salons practice making this style by creating bends near the top of the head, clamping irons, and rolling without too much time in that state, which results in a look that is extraordinarily classy in its own right.

  1. Love Braids

This braid has particularly been a highlight because it has worked considerably well for all the ladies with long hair, but not long enough to be considered humongous. The braid is quite loose and strands of hair are purposely left out to give it a neat yet ecstatic look.

  1. The Bob

One thing is for sure; the fashion sense that ruled the kinds of Marilyn Monroe has returned in the form of the blunt Bob, which has started winning the hearts of all women and has lined them up in hair straightening salons Potomac. Although some people prefer getting more angular variations of the iconic hairstyle with a curl here and there, the straight version has been extremely popular all around.

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