7 Signs You Need To See An Allergist

7 Signs You Need To See An Allergist

In many cases you might not be able to figure out that you have an allergy and should see an allergy doctor. Sometimes you get the symptoms, but you just don’t pay enough attention to them and live like that. Following are some of the allergy symptoms that you should not ignore and see an allergist immediately.

Allergy Symptoms

  1. Persistent Headache

Almost every person suffers from a headache in their life. Headache is the most common pain which has various causes such as; anxiety, stress, muscular tension, eye problems, improper diet or many more. Headache can go away with simple painkiller medicines. But if your headache is prolonged and doesn’t go away even after taking medicines then this might be a symptom of an allergy and you should see an allergist immediately.

  1. Flu or Cough

Just like persistent headache if you have snotty nose, flu, cough or watery and heavy eyes which is still there even after 3 or more months then you might be allergic to something which needs to be checked by an allergy doctor.

  1. Medication Doesn’t Work

You tried a lot of painkillers and medicines to overcome these problems but that didn’t work well. Even after trying out antihistamines and other medications. That is the time when you should pay attention to the symptoms you are getting and consult an allergist.

  1. You Suffer from Many Infections

People suffer from different types of infection, but they get one infection at a single time which then goes away by treatment. But, if you get infections such as chronic infection, sinus infection, congestion, stuffy nose or ear infections a lot, one after another then this is a symptom that you might be suffering from an allergy.

  1. You Feel Drowsy the Whole Day

One of the symptoms of allergy is that you feel dull and drowsy all day long and are unable to perform simple day activities which makes you lazy and you want to just lie on your couch throughout the day.

  1. You Suffer from Breathing Problems

It is a warning sign of an allergy that is known as “Asthma”. If you have any difficulty in breathing at night. You wheeze, sneeze or it get harder for you catch your breath then you should not neglect these signs. These are the symptoms of asthma allergy which needs instant treatment by your doctor.

  1. You May Have Some Other Health Issues

If you are already suffering from some kind of disease such as; heart issues, glaucoma, thyroid, liver infections, kidney problems, high blood pressure etc. then treating the allergies might not be a safe option for you. Consult your medical practitioner and get a proper treatment for yourself.

Levels of Allergy and Their Symptoms

  1. Mid Allergy Symptoms

If you observe the following symptoms in your body then note that you have mid-level allergy that is not very dangerous as it does not spread or affect the other parts of the body. The symptoms include; itchy red rash, chest tightness or congestion or some localized itching in the body.

  1. Moderate Allergy Symptoms

Unlike mid-level allergies, it affects and spreads in other parts of your body which causes more dullness and weakness in your body. Its symptoms are; widespread itching in body parts, tingling mouth, breathing difficulties etc.

  1. Severe Allergy Symptoms

Some allergies symptoms progress into severe ones by the time which can be life threating. One such example of rare and severe allergy is Anaphylaxis and its symptoms include; breathing and swallowing made difficult by throat, tongue and mouth swelling, cramps, hives, dizziness, drowsiness, abdominal pain, vomiting, itching in face and eyes etc.

No symptom of any disease shall be neglected as it can progress into a dangerous one. Above mentioned symptoms can be a warning sign for you for any kind of allergy which should be treated instantly. Don’t just treat yourself with your own over-the-counter medicines as it sometimes worsens your condition, consult an allergy doctor Centreville VA as they make a proper treatment plan for you which helps you to get over the allergy.

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