8 On-Point Kitchen Countertop Organization Tips

8 On-Point Kitchen Countertop Organization Tips

Follow below for tips on how to organize your kitchen countertop – including quartz kitchen countertops.

  1. Do Not Keep Unnecessary Things on Display

Mostly granite countertops companies share a detailed guide to keep your kitchen countertops clean and organized. And this point is one of the most common and on top of the list for an organized countertop where people are asked not to put anything unnecessary on the display. This gives an untidy and messy look to your countertop while cleaning the countertop also becomes difficult when you have to move several jars and bowls to sweep it properly.

  1. Use Hanging Utensils and Bowls

This will also help in optimum space utilization where you can keep all your utensils hanging in the holder and fruits or vegetables in the hanging bowls. This gives a nice, beautiful and tidy look while cleaning your kitchen countertops would also become very easier. You can also search for quartz kitchen countertops where you would see all spoons and pans hanging on the hooks at one side leaving the countertop clean and tidy.

  1. Put Some Plants in Small Pots

It is a good idea to decorate your kitchen counter top with some plants giving some natural feel to your beautiful kitchen. In fact, most of the famous designers and granite countertops companies also use plants on the kitchen countertops as a mandatory point for décor. However, you may use artificial plants or vases if you feel unable to take care of those plants or there is no sunlight in your kitchen. But try to stay near the nature as much as possible as it is also good for human health as well.

  1. Use Multi Layered Wire Basket for Kitchen Essentials

Well, multi layered wire basket always add a very significant beauty to your kitchen when you put it on your kitchen countertop with all the kitchen essentials. It may include sugar pot, salt and pepper bottles, hot pads, cleaning clothes and anything you use frequently in your kitchen. It is one of the accessories you would definitely see in the professionally designed quartz kitchen countertops. Many people even add small pots of plants in this basket as well which adds an additional beauty to your kitchen countertop. You can keep this basket at one corner which covers too many things while utilizing very small space.

  1. Use Wooden Box for Soaps and Washing Items

It would also add a great amount of beauty to kitchen when you use wooden box for keeping your washing items. It looks very classy as wooden boxes always show an antique décor especially when you are using that in combination of metallic holders and glass jars for other items in your kitchen.

  1. Big Sized Glass Jars in Metallic Holder Placed on Another Corner

To add a decent look to your kitchen countertop, you can use a black colored metallic holder with white colored big sized jars to keep daily use crockery. You can also add seasonings spray bottles and cooking oil jar in that holder which will be kept on another corner of your kitchen countertop giving a decent yet beautiful look to your kitchen. You can easily find such metallic holders and jars with the help of granite countertop companies NC who deals with such accessories in bulk for designing their kitchens and houses.

  1. Corner Racks for Daily Use Items

You can install a corner rack at one angle of the countertop where you can keep your regular use plates and cups. You can also put the holder or jar of cutlery on this side rack which will look good by keeping everything at one side. You can also add some extra things which you think are always needed while cooking or you want them to be in your kitchen all the time.

  1. Hook Pull Out Drawers on the Walls or Under Countertops

You can put remaining edibles in these pull out drawers to keep everything organized and clean at one place. For instance, you can keep pulses, spices, cereals and other such things in those drawers and hook them under the countertops or the walls which are close to your stove. You can see similar examples in designs of quartz kitchen countertops where these drawers are used for all necessary things required in the kitchen.

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