6 Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling

6 Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling

Selling your house is a very long task and requires a lot of patience. You usually visit the best real estate agent to guide you through all the process and give you suggestions on what to do. If there is a lot of visiting and showing but not a single purchase offer being made, there may be something you are doing wrong.

House selling tips

Here is why your house isn’t selling.

  1. Pricing It Too Much

A classic mistake; pricing your house too high is the most common mistake house sellers make. Of course, people won’t buy a house that is overpriced and can be a deal-breaker. A lot of times, the amount you have set which is decent in your mind doesn’t work for the people who come to the showing. A good realtor will help you choose the best pricing strategy and come up with a fair market value for your house by comparing it to the prices of other houses in the area combined with the overall state of the house.

  1. Being Impatient

Listing your house on the market and pricing it right is one step, but most people cannot wait to have people buy their house and tend to make irrational changes to the details of the listing. Your house is prone to be listed for quite some time, so you need to be patient and trust your seller’s agent on having people to show up.

  1. Under Promoting Your House

The marketing and promotion of your house give more exposure to people looking for a house. Lack of marketing can cause a serious decline in the number of buyers that show up at the house which is questionable from the realtor if you have hired one. You can market your house yourself by promoting it online on Facebook and other social websites or have a “for sale” board outside the property. A good real estate agent will market your house in the right way so that it gets more prominent to get the attention of potential buyers.

  1. Your House Isn’t In Good Condition

The presentation of your house has to be good in order to get the buyer interested. The first impression is very important and for the first impression you need to have your yard and front entrance sorted out. If you neglect the repairs that are needed, there is a chance that they are most likely the deal breakers for buyers. Home inspectors are hired for this job. They assess your house and tell you what might be the reasons that make buyers run away. The solution to this is to fix the issues. Addressing small issues can do wonders for the possibility of people buying houses. Tasks as simple as paint and changing electric sockets will help.  Make sure that your house looks good from inside out. From the yard to the bathrooms, assess all of these things as if you are the one buying and fix them up before listing it on the market.

  1. Not Preparing Your House for Showings

You should prepare your house when your seller’s agent tells you there will be a showing. Leaving your house vacant can break the deal. Neglecting this can make your house look very vague and chances are it will not bode well with the success of your selling. According to a survey, staged homes sell 87% faster and 38% seller’s agent will recommend you staging your house. A staged home gets an idea for the potential buyers about how the house will look with certain items in the rooms which is definitely better than a vacant house.

  1. No Photos Being Shown

Photos are a vital aspect of selling any product. Most people start to browse houses online and judge the house based on the photos. It is recommended that you take photos professionally after you have staged your home. Take as many photos to show the positives of your house. A clattered and messy house or bad quality of photos can make a buyer disappear.

A good realtor is very important for your house selling process. Ask for recommendations for a good seller’s agent from your friends who have already worked with them.

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