Common patio materials to choose from

Common patio materials to choose from

We all focus so much on making the interior of our house absolutely perfect that we often forget about the outside spaces. Outside spaces such as patio, lawns etc. make the space look better as well as add to your home’s value. Such spaces are only enjoyable when they are well maintained provided that they are made by high-end patio contractors.

Commonly used patio materials

There are a lot of different materials in a variety of colors and patterns out there. Sometimes it can get confusing for the people and they cannot decide which material would be better.

Hence, we researched on a few patio materials along with their pros and cons. This will help you open up to different options for your patio and make you understand which material you can use based on your preferences and requirements.

Clay Brick

One of the most common and old materials for your patio that you will come across is the clay brick. Clay bricks have been highly used in the old times for traditional houses. But they are also becoming increasingly popular now for modern houses. They provide an aesthetic element for every style and color theme of the architectural design.

Bricks also retain their color and are easy to handle. Their handling is also why they can be easily installed, and you can also install them yourself. For patios, since bricks are placed on a horizontal surface, they do not even require mortar. They can be directly placed on an even sand ground.

This is precisely why laying bricks in patios is not as hard as compared to other, more technical materials. People have ended up being really creative with their brick patios and have ended up creating various patterns just through the placement of bricks. You can find countless such designs online and choose one that suits you. Bricks are a highly versatile, strong and durable material. However, one disadvantage that bricks have is that it may crack in the winter due to the cold temperature. But that is nothing to worry about. Cracked bricks can be easily replaced too.


Many people assume concrete is an expensive material but in reality, it is one of the cheapest materials for building. It is a very common material and is highly popular for outdoor patios. Since concrete is a very versatile material in terms of its shape, it can be molded into any shape and form. This may sound absurd since hard concrete is one of the hardest materials to mold.

However, concrete is poured into a surface and then dried, therefore its shape is decided before it hardens. It is highly durable and strong. However, just like clay bricks, concrete is susceptible to cracks due to cold. You can also add tiles onto a concrete slab if you are planning to go for a more decorative look. Concrete also works well for drainage and controlling storm water runoff.


Just like concrete and clay bricks, gravel is one of the most popular choice for patio materials. It is installed very quickly and easily like clay bricks. For many people, gravel patios give off the vibes as that of a Tuscan courtyard. However, for others, gravel patios are not as good. They are uncomfortable to walk on, high maintenance and do not provide solid support for furniture unlike other materials. But these are just different opinions and the choice remains yours. You might like it.


There are countless different patio materials other than clay bricks, gravel and concrete. However, these are some of the most popular ones. Each material differs in their advantages and disadvantages and hence the choice is subjective according to each person’s requirements. In this regard, your local patio builders Long Island will also be able to guide you well.

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