European Hair Extensions – Hair Types Explained

European Hair Extensions – Hair Types Explained

Are you planning to use some European hair extensions to improve your tresses? Before donning on these extensions, there are several things you have to know first.

Pick the Best Hair Extensions to Suit You

The hair extension jargon could be quite confusing for some. Others might not even have any idea how to buy the best quality and longest lasting extensions for themselves which will not just feel and look natural but will blend and not tangle with their own hair.

It is extremely a must to have the right texture that will suit your tresses.

European and Russian hair are both of high quality, with most people discovering that it could blend effortlessly and seamlessly unlike other kinds of cheaper Asian or Indian hair that is often dry, coarse, and very straight. Here are some other things you might be interested to know about extensions:

  • Remy Hair – When a European or Russian grade hair is said to be Remy, it means that it is cuticle correct. Cuticles that are smoothly aligned mean that the hair is not acid washed so it will not get that tell-tale silicone coating you can usually see in low quality extensions for artificially creating a smooth feel.  Once that coat wears off, the hair gets tangled in a short while.
  • Virgin Hair – This is 100 percent smooth and soft natural hair. Extensions made from virgin hair have finer density and not combined with animal hair or synthetics.
  • Hair Origin – Extensions come from various countries. Not every human extension is of great quality or suitable to be used in most people.

It is said that around 95 percent of hair in the international market used for wigs and extensions is of low quality. Thus, it is a must to choose those that are 100 percent pure and virgin derived from natural human hair.

Features of European Extensions

European hair is said to be the second highest quality of hair that you can find today with usually a medium density. The texture and quality of European hair means that it can blend well with almost all types of hair.

European hair is untreated and unprocessed, which allows straightening, curling, and coloring in the process of production of the extensions. Similar with other hair extensions rockville, the European grade hair must be toned or colored carefully, and a test patch must also be done ahead of time. European hair is also slightly wavy or generally straight, not to mention that it is durable and strong.

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