How To Fix Heat Damaged Hair

How To Fix Heat Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is a nightmare for everyone using heat tools and straightening treatments like Japanese hair straightening. Either you got thick curls or loose waves, you’re looking for a way to protect and style your hair at the same time. Here are the ways to fix your heat-damaged hair.

How Frequent Heat Damages Your Hair

If you’re day-dreaming that even after using heat tools for a long time, you can get away with it easily, then you must be wrong. Those products that claim to prevent the damage before and after straightening are temporary. They contain PEC technology that fixes the split ends for a short period only. After that, the damage keeps creeping hair further until it reaches the hair shaft.

If left untreated, the chipped, damaged, and frizzy hair will require severe cutting beyond your expectations. It is because the heat keeps changing the protein structure of your hair through open cuticles until it completely damages the natural structure of the hair.

Fixing Heat Damaged Curly Hair

Although the damage ultimately requires you to cut your hair. But, if you catch a glimpse of damage at its early stage, then there are chances that you can fix it.

Signs Of Damage Are

  • Dry and frizzy hair
  • Split Ends
  • A lot of hair tangling
  • Difficulty in brushing
  • Rough textured hair

Using hair care products will help rejuvenate your natural curls. But, keep in mind that it’ll only happen if you start limiting the use of heat tools or, better, stop it completely for a brief time after witnessing heat damage. Hair masks and deep conditioners that contain shea butter, coconut oil, aloe Vera, and avocado will do the magic. And your natural curls will start bouncing again.

Fixing Heat Damaged Straight Hair

Even though straight hair are less soft as compared to curly hair, they do get damaged with frequent heating. The damage will make your hair rough, frizzy, and brittle. And it will be difficult for you to set the hair straight.

Due to the fact that straight hair contain more sebum, they get oily quickly. So, you got to wash them more frequently than curly hair. The frequent shampoo will damage the hair further and will not let the hair products perform their task completely. But, if you use leave-in protein products, they will complete the task effectively till you have to wash them again.

Precautions To Avoid Heat Damage

Once your hair is damaged, there’s no permanent way back. You have to cut your hair to protect them from further damage. But there are ways you can avoid heat damage even while straightening your hair. Let’s explore a few of them.

Limit The Frequency

Remember, your hair is different from others. So, you can’t copy someone else’s frequency of straightening hair. You have to find your own limit. For this, the best way is to ask your hairstylist about your hair. Depending on your hair type and porosity, he/she will suggest what exactly you should do. You can also try natural hair straightening methods.

Use A Heat Protectant

This method works best for those that have to straighten their hair more frequently. It’ll extend the limits before your hair gets damaged. Apply the protectant on the damp hair before blow-drying them. It’ll lock up the natural moisture of your hair. Also, use heat tools that contain silicon plates, as they protect the hair from direct heat damage.

Use A Lower Temperature

No doubt, the higher temperature will help you achieve straight hair in one press. But it’ll damage your hair to an unknown extent as well. Therefore, to prevent the damage, lowering the temperature will play its role. Generally, the lower temperature can be up to 350 to 375 degrees. Yes, it does require a lot of patience and work then, to achieve a perfect look. But at least you’re not damaging your hair.

Use Alternative Ways

To straighten your hair, there are many other ways as well instead of heat tools. Although you’re not going to get perfectly straightened hair, at least healthy hair. Those ways may include roller sets and roller wraps and are safe. You only have to leave ample time before leaving for work or the event because these ways require your time and energy. To avoid heat damage, go to reputable hair straightening salons Potomac that have experienced staff.

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