How to plan an effective basketball drill

How to plan an effective basketball drill

Want to be a good basketball player?

Dribbling, shooting, passing, strong defense and a good teamwork is required to be a good basketball player. Implement these tips while practicing basketball and you’ll be on your way to the NBA.

  1. See to it that you have the ball in your hands all the time. Once you are used to the feel of the ball, there are chances of you performing well.
  2. Practice your shooting from different spots. Go closer to a hoop, start in close and then work your way out. Go for short jumps, free throw and then beyond the three point line. You could also lie on your back and shoot the ball towards the ceiling. Ensure you stretch out your arms and flip your wrist when the ball is about to leave your fingertips. If the ball goes straight, then you are doing it right. To increase your range, work on your legs because the power of a jump shot comes from the legs.
  3. Use your fingers to dribble and do not bounce it higher than your waist. While in defensive position, it should not go higher than your knee. Learn to alternate the ball using both your hands. Start by dribbling 20 times at a stretch with right hand and then switch to the left hand. When you get used to dribbling in a standing position, then start walking and later running. Always keep your eyes open while dribbling.
  4. To improve your passing skills, try bounce pass, chest pass and over the head with a partner. Start closely and gradually move to a distance.
  5. To improve your defense, get onto your defensive stance (knees bent), keep a wide base and arms should be up and out. Get someone to dribble around and shoot while you are playing defensive. Keep your eyes on the other player’s chest and waist as this will give you an idea where your opponent is likely to move. Think of it as a real game and try to stop them.
  6. Stamina and speed is required for a good footwork. Go for running and skipping. Also work on upper and lower body.
  7. Learn teamwork. Try playing with a group since it requires 4 other people. Learn to pass the ball, help them get better with their shots. You can play some music in the background. Once the music stops and whoever is holding the ball is out. The aim is to pass the ball quickly.

Be passionate and dedicated towards the game. Put in as much time as possible and you’ll be rewarded. Get in touch with a basketball coach who will help you effectively practice basketball.

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