How to remove a tree stump?

How to remove a tree stump?

Tree stumps after felling can give rise to new shoots while dead stumps can become a feeding ground for termites and root diseases like honey fungus. You don’t have to break your back to hire a tree service company. Here are a few safe and effective ways:


The best time to apply chemicals is during autumn or winter. Avoid during summers or spring when the sap is growing. Cut off the top of the stump as much as possible. Drill deep holes into the stump and pour the chemical agents. These chemical agents contain glyphosate or triclopyr. Weed killers can also be applied to fresh stumps and if the stumps are a few weeks old, then cut off a bit of the top and apply the weedkiller on the fresh cut.

Wrap the tree stump with plastic so that the moisture in the stump will help to rot from the inside. Salt is also a natural stump killer. If you do not want to cover, then pack the drilled holes with rock salt and the salt will draw moisture from the stump. There is no definite time period, so the process can last between four to six weeks. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when using chemicals or weedkillers.


Rent a grinder, which looks like an over-sized chain saw, from the equipment shop. Use it if you know how to use it, otherwise seek professional help.


Burning is an inexpensive and fast way of getting rid of a stump. If your community allows you to burn, then first remove the debris and flammable things around the stump. Drill the stumps from above, fill with charcoal and burn from inside. You can also pour kerosene into the holes and light it. Keep water as a standby in case the fire spreads.


  • Hook the stump at the back of your car or any other vehicle to yank it. This could damage the breaks or axle, pull off the bumper and worse you could lose control.
  • Use dynamite because it is illegal and secondly, it can hurt people.
  • Use gasoline while burning a stump near a building or fence.
  • Allow kids and pets near the scene.

You can also hire a pro who could use a mini-excavator, winch, skidsteer or backhoe bucket to remove the stump. But it all depends on the location. The professional will ensure that the hole after the removal of the stump is filled with soil and will also take the stump to a dumping yard.

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