How to start tree cutting services?

How to start tree cutting services?

Tree cutting is a very rewarding business in many countries. Tree branch trimming, pruning, tree cutting, stump removal etc are some of the important works done by such companies. If you want to start a tree cutting company you need to know some important facts before attempting to start the business. Knowledge about the common trees growing in the area where the service is going to be started and the diseases that is common to such trees etc will help you very much in establishing the business at fast pace.

Remaining competitive with local tree cutting services is another important requirement for the flourishing of your new business. Residential and commercial customers can be attracted by giving quality customer service. If you have good referrals it will increase the possibility of getting continued work. Depending on the area you live, tree cutting services may be required throughout the year or only during certain seasons.

Tree removal tools

For starting tree removal services the following tools have to be purchased as they are very essential. Axes, stump grinders and chainsaws are the most helpful tools one has to buy before starting the tree removal services. Other tools can be arranged based on the requirement of the particular work you are getting.


Axes are the most important tools used for tree cutting from the olden days onwards. They have small handles for easy grip. Double sided axes are very useful in cutting down trees. The axes have to be sharpened frequently using mill file otherwise it will become blunted and useless.

Cross cut saws

Two people are required to hold the two ends of a cross cut saw. This is very powerful tool used for tree removal. Two persons holding the cross cut saw stand at an angle of 45 degrees before sawing.  They come in different sizes.  Choose the size which will be suitable for the tree you are going to cut.


These saws run on electricity or gas. Gas operated chain saws are most suited for felling trees and electricity operated chain saws are suitable for pruning trees.

Stump grinders

After cutting down trees the stumps will be left there.  It will be difficult to move them as the roots run deep into the soil. Stump grinding equipment has sharp rotating teeth that are very quick in disposing the stump and the roots.

After buying the above tools the activities to be performed for starting local tree service potomac md center are detailed below.

  • Give a name to the company and get the business license from the local government, if necessary
  • Get tax remittance number form the IRS
  • Get the tax identification number from the state government
  • Open bank account for business purpose
  • Obtain insurance which has adequate coverage for accidents as well as employees and the equipments.
  • Decide what charges can be levied for different types of works that the company will have to undertake
  • Advertise in local newspapers and send flyers to house owners in the neighborhood.
  • Build a website and provide all the information needed for the customers


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