How to stay away from office politics and indulge in productive work?

How to stay away from office politics and indulge in productive work?

Looking forward to steer away from engaging in office politics? Well, office politics has become an integral part of almost every kind of work environment. The size of the office or the organization hardly matters. Individuals in the office try to play nasty politics game to attain their goals. They do it intentionally to stand victorious in this competitive world. There are various techniques of staying away from the office politics.

Overcoming workplace curiosity

Exchanging opinions is not allowed at workplaces. Never try to give your opining on people and on their personal lives. You need to overcome the curiosity and avoid exchanging ideas. A simple chat around the water cooler or the corridor may result in severe consequences. A very nice friend may turn out to be the worst enemy of yours. Do not pass any comment on the organization or the head of the organization. To make it look like a Chinese whisper, the listener might twist the statement and make it spicier. So, avoid over indulgence.

Avoid groups

Try to avoid groups that garner negative feelings on someone. There are many talented people who have spoilt their career by becoming a part of the malicious group, cooking stories and trying to harm others. You will cut off the risk of jeopardizing your career, if you avoid groups since you will be considered neutral, holding a common opinion.

The need for being fact based rather than subjective

When you are asked an opinion about someone, try to remain objective and do not be subjective. Try to stick to facts and the dos and the dont’s. Never try to drag conversations since that may lead you towards complicated territories. Unnecessarily, people will take you as a foe and a politics at work

Maintaining a distance from idlers

Idlers will always tend to pull you down and de-motivate you. Those who waste their time in unproductive things harbor only destructive ideas. If you wish to attain the career goals, stay away from them.

The need to stay focused

In fact this is the best way to steer away from engaging in office politics. Always keep in mind your larger goals and so focus on your work. If you pay closer attention to the work, you will ward off all the negative and bad influences, if any. It will take you nearer to your goals. Avoid those gossip mongers who think you are a monotonous person.

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