Learn how to treat fever blisters in a better way

Learn how to treat fever blisters in a better way

Fever blisters cannot be cured easily rather 2-3 weeks are required for complete healing. These blisters mainly occur as a result of the attacks of simplex-type one virus of herpes. Some of the major causes for the maximum outbreaks are stress, skin trauma, week immunity system, hormonal changes, sun overexposure and others. Blisters are nothing but those whitish clusters of spots causing great pains. Tingling sensations caused by these blisters are quite irritating and cannot stand for long.

Best means for recovering fever blisters

How to treat fever blisters? If you are willing to get the best answer of this question, then you got to follow the most effective means that can cater you relief from the unbearable symptoms of fever blisters and help I the complete recovery of the same.

  • There are some prescribed medicines for treating blisters that can cater you instant relief from pain and irritation. But you cannot collect them directly from the counter rather you got to take suggestion from the doctor. If the doctor prescribed the medicines, then only you will be able to have them for getting better results.
  • Pain can be significantly alleviated by means of cold compresses and that can be done with the use of ice packs. You got to apply the same after every 3- hours for getting better results. Lemon based balm ointment can be used over the ice applied areas.
  • Garlic paste is quite effective and thus can be applied directly over blister patches or sports. Pains can be removed and the antiviral agents of garlic can kill the hidden virus directly so that the unwanted spread of the blisters can be prevented.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is quite an effective and powerful natural disinfectant and thus can be applied on infected areas so that the infectious elements can be removed.
  • Calcium and immunoglobulin are found in larger quantities within whole milk and this is the reason it is being suggested to use the same. In fact, healing process can be highly accelerated by the use of whole milk.
  • Licorice pastes are generally quite thicker and thus can be easily applied on the affected area. These pastes really serve well as a result of which the blisters can get dried up easily.
  • Tea-tree oil in diluted form is also very much effective in nature and caters good results.


Therefore, doctors always suggest staying away from these causes so that the outbreaks of fever blisters treatment can be reduced. These blisters are really quite painful and thus you got to look those remedies that can cater you speedy recovery and relief from the unwanted symptoms like pains, irritation, inflammation, swelling and many more.

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