The Basics of Oriental Rugs on Sale

The Basics of Oriental Rugs on Sale

Are you searching for oriental rugs on sale? There are numerous kinds of rugs available coming from various parts of the world. All of them are unique in terms of style and design which depends on their place of origin. Many of them are considered valuable and antique. Prior to purchasing any kind of rug, you have to consider the purpose it will serve and the specific style you are searching for. No matter what rug you choose, take note that these are fragile and must be cleaned by professionals who are experienced with cleaning oriental rugs.

Difference of Persian and Oriental Rugs

You have to know the difference between Persian and oriental rugs when shopping. The oriental rugs typically come from Asia and are hand knotted. Some of its biggest exporters include China, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, and India. An extensive array of oriental rugs is currently available, differing in texture, color, and design. Persian rugs are actually oriental rugs only that these are made in Iran. There are some named after the place where they were made yet with the increasing demand for them, they started to be made in other places using the original names. The most famous designs are Heris, Dubba, Hamadan, and Tabriz. Persian rugs have extremely unique designs, thick pile, and use numerous rick colors. Persian and oriental rugs are typically hand knotted.

Common Materials Used

Hand knotted rugs are considered as the most valuable since the weaver made the whole rug itself by hand. It makes every rug unique, with most of them taking more than a year to finish. Many of them are made out of cotton, silk, or wool, with wool being the most in demand. Silk is more expensive and is not as strong. This is used as an accent in most rugs. Cotton can also be used as a foundation but it is usually not evident at all. Once all of these three are combined, you will get a very durable rug which can last for a long time. These rugs don’t wear out until after 20 years or so of everyday use.

When you own oriental handmade rugs, you can consider them as unique pieces of art. These are very durable which can last for many generations. It is the reason why these are considered not only as wonderful investments but even as possible heirlooms in the family that can be passed on to your children’s children.


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