Wedding Tent Rentals – Important Extras to Consider

Wedding Tent Rentals – Important Extras to Consider

Once you already have a good idea about the type and size for your tent rentals, it is a must that you consider all the extras you might want and need before you get a price quote. So, what are these extras, then?


The primary types of walls are clear, the cathedral with windows, fabric, and solid. The average temperature will help you determine if you will need walls. Skip the walls if you will get married during a warmer climate.  If the climate is cooler, walls are a great idea. When downpours are common, everything and everyone can stay dry with walls.


The liner is the gathered and silky looking fabric you see in tents used in magazines and movies. It could be quite expensive, and not really necessary, especially if you will be using a pole tent. But, if you really want a liner, remember that this can cost up to three times the price of your tent. Of course, you will pay more if you prefer a colored liner.


The choices when it comes to flooring include the full floor under the tent or a plain old ground without or with a dance floor. The ground is obviously the most affordable option, yet this comes with several drawbacks. If the rain pours days before your wedding, there’s a chance that the ground has gotten soggy. The plain ground can also be harder for your guests to walk or dance on while wearing their heels. If the tent will be put up on sloped or uneven land, you might go for the flooring to level out things.


For weddings held at night, unless you are planning to give your guests a unique sensory experience of dancing and dining in the dark, you will need good lighting in your tent. There are numerous lighting options you can find today, including bistro lights strung across the tent’s ceiling, to twinkle lights, lanterns, or theatrical style stage lights complete with gels.

Cooling and Heating

Another possible extra for wedding tent rental is the need for cooling and heating equipment. Fans are often the best choice since tents are known for being extremely expensive to air condition. Since a tent is neither insulated nor sealed, it requires loads of power to stay cool with AC. If you will get married during a cooler season, you can also rent a tent furnace with a thermostat to keep the tent warm and comfortable.

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