What causes skin allergy?

What causes skin allergy?

Top causes of skin allergy

Allergic reactions on the skin are very common; they appear as hives and rashes on the skin. It is really very difficult to determine the cause of skin allergy. The common symptoms of skin allergy include rashes, redness and some of the time all the symptoms are accompanied by itching also. These allergic reactions often go away. But still there are a few things which you can do to ease their effect. And you can minimize their effect by simply avoiding contact with the allergens, or by pouring some cold water on it, or simply applying antiseptic on the rashes and hives.

However, it is found that the very common allergens are jewelry, metal and fragrances. Sometime smoke and UV radiations can also lead to skin irritation and allergy. The top allergens found out in several researches are:

  • Bacitracin: It is a very common antibiotic.
  • Nickel: it is the most common metal used in jewelry, buttons on clothing and clasps.
  • Quaternium 15: it is a kind of preservative which is mixed in cosmetic products to increase their life.
  • Balsam of Peru: This is the most fragrance used in perfumes and body lotions.
  • Thimerosal: This is a substance found in antiseptics and in a few vaccines as a preservative.
  • Mix fragrance: it is nothing but a group of about eight mixed fragrance which is found in food stuffs, perfume, cosmetics pet food, soaps and deodorants.
  • Chloride of cobalt: It is a product found in hair dyes and a few medical products.
  • Gold: Strange, but a few people on earth are allergic to such a precious metal like gold.

How to treat skin allergy?

To treat skin allergy, you have to make a few changes in your basic habits. Like many of the people catch allergy from peanut butter and a few from perfume or smoke. To avoid skin allergy you have to avoid contact with allergens. And more to it, it’s best if you contact a dermatologist (a skin specialist). However, there a few allergy treatment clinics, that assist you to get proper treatment and overcome the allergy. Now, if you are thinking where to find these clinics then, no need to worry all you have to do is surf a little bit of internet. And you will find the best allergy treatment clinic in your area within seconds. What are you waiting for? Start now!

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