2014 Trending Hairstyles for Boys

2014 Trending Hairstyles for Boys

Know about latest men’s hairstyles

Do you want to have stylish hairs like Hollywood hunks? Or do you want to have a haircut like your favorite rock star? Or are you willing to have an interesting haircut, which catches everybody’s attention towards it? Well, if so, then it is right time to say good bye to your old hairstyle and welcome trending hairstyles of 2014. With latest hairstyle you can give a complete makeover to your personality. Your hairstyle will speak a lot about your fashion sense. Guys, you just remember one thing that girls are crazy for guys who have stylish hairstyles.

It might happen that you are still wearing hairstyle of your grandfather’s time and this might be the reason why you still do not have friends in school, college, and office as well. If so, then you need to go to a creative hair stylist who can give you ultimate haircut, which can give complete change in your personality. There are several hairstylists who can bring magical change in your personality with just haircut and hair styling. These haircut experts are actually well aware of hairstyles which suit you. Yes, they will not give you any random hairstyle which can make you look odd in your cosmos.

List of trending men’s hairstyles of 2014:

Slick groomed hair is the classic hairstyle for modern men. You can wear this hairstyle on a date, parties, night out etc. This stylish hairstyle can make you look manlier rather than boyish. It clearly suggests that if you wear this hairstyle on a date, your girl will treat you as men not a boy.

Another trending hairstyle for men is brit pop crop. This is stunning hairstyling for men; the most striking feature of brit pop crop hairstyle is that it is ideal for summer. Because it allows you to have short hairs and we all know that in summer long hairs hurt a lot. Maintaining right fashion and comfort during summer is such a difficult challenge. In such scenario, this hairstyle can be very stylish and soothing for you.

Modern pampador is a good hairstyle for snazzy boys. This hairstyle is suitable for college going boys, especially who have an interest in singing, dancing and acting. This hairstyle can give you flamboyant look and attract people’s attention towards you.

Apart from these three trending hairstyles of 2014, you can also try choppy sexy hairs, dandy do, fringes and many more. Get stylish haircut and feel the fashion.

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