5 Eyelash Extensions Tips You Should Know

5 Eyelash Extensions Tips You Should Know

There is a lot to consider before and after getting your eyelash extension from an hair extensions salon. Although there might be a wrong path that can lead to an eyelash disaster, there is always a way to avoid it. For starters, who doesn’t dream of having long, lush dark eyelashes with which you can blink away all the problems that you have. But one wrong step and you are doomed. Below we have certain tips that salons swear by and so should you to avoid any catastrophe.

Choose the Right Type of Lash Extension

Eyelash extensions salons will offer you a lot of different types of lash extension. They range from synthetic, silk to mink. You can choose the type to go for according to your hair style and face shape by considering how much volume you want your eyelashes to have and what length and shade respectively. The texture of you lashes is too incredibly important. They will dictate the look of your eye, for instance if you are more a cat eye person then you must have lashes which have the length of the lashes longer at the edges. Respectively, choose the type of your lashes wisely and consult the professionals first.

Don’t Let Any of Your Unprofessional Friends Do It

If any of your friends or acquaintances have had any experience with eyelash extension before but they are not quite there at the professional level yet. DO NOT let them touch your face. Regardless of how much they swear by it, anything could go wrong and there would be no one to blame but yourself for putting trust in someone who is not a pro. Professionals have a lot of experience in it and will make sure that your eye isn’t irritated by the glue and there’s just the right amount of it used.

Make Sure You Do a Patch Test First

Patch test is absolutely necessary. An eye is a really sensitive part of your body whose proper functionality must not be taken for granted. A lot accidents happen in salon and for you to avoid one too, make sure you do a patch test first. You might be allergic to certain lash material or the glue itself, which will cause irritation and itchiness in or surrounding your eye. Spare yourself the trouble.

Make Sure You Have Time At Hand While Getting Your Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extension is no speedy process. The longer it takes for the eyelash to stick to your eye the better. In fact, at least a 2 hour long wait is a must while getting your extension on. Thus, make sure you don’t have cake up in the oven while you have gone to get your eyelash extension because it will definitely burn. Expect at least a 3 hour long job and schedule your appointment likewise.

After Care Is Absolutely Necessary

All the money you had put up in your eyelash extension will go in vain if you don’t take enough care of your eyelashes. An extension is supposed to last at most 7 to 8 weeks if properly taken care of. The right way to do it given below:

  1. Don’t sleep face down: sleeping face down on your pillow might pull the lashes off and you will wake up to seeing lashes on your pillow cover.
  2. Don’t wash them too much: Washing your eyes too much will make your eyelash extension come off way before their time. The prime purpose of eyelashes is to keep dirt and dust away from your eyes. Your eyes are always clean but if you must clean your eyelashes use baby shampoo once a week at most.
  3. Don’t put on a lot of eye makeup: A light mascara would be enough but putting on makeup would mean applying make-up remover to remove it which is not called for your eyelashes.
  4. Don’t pluck or tug: Plugging your eyelashes will cause them to shed prematurely like your natural hair, when not taken care of.
  5. Don’t go close to water for at least 24 hours after getting your extension: According to eyelash extension salons, when you get you eyelash extension, the professionals would have put on fresh glue which upon exposure to water will come off, so take as long as you can before applying water to your eyes. hypn
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