6 Simple Magic Tricks With Cards

6 Simple Magic Tricks With Cards

Cards are one of the easiest things you can use to get started with magic tricks. Usually, you can use any cards, but getting cards from a magic shop is suggested. Here are some simple tricks you can learn with cards and amaze the crowd.

Prediction Trick

This is one of the easiest tricks to do with a deck of cards. In this trick, you predict what card the audience member is picking from the deck. Sounds complicated? Well, here is the breakdown of how you can master this trick. All it takes is a bit of practice and some sneaky preparation beforehand.

Take a deck of cards and arrange them in order, where 3 or 5 cards of one kind will come consecutively after a random card. You can even shuffle this deck and the arrangement will not be disturbed. Now, you can ask the audience member to take out several cards and you can predict exactly which cards are there on the table.

Pick-Any-Card Trick

You might have heard of this trick a lot. You can ask the audience member or volunteer to pick out any card from the deck. This doesn’t have to be done physically. The mental playing is what makes this trick fun and filled with suspense.

The trick here is to arrange the deck in sixes. There are going to be six cards of a kind going down the arrangement. After shuffling, you can select random cards and remember the shuffling, from which you’re going to make predictions. There is a high chance that your volunteer will have chosen the card which you have predicted and that’s how this trick is successful.

3-Pile Trick

This trick is also known as the Impossible Trick because there is no work involved from your side, but if you’ve arranged your deck right, then you can nail this trick as well. The volunteer is going to shuffle the deck and cut it in half. The other half can be kept aside. Now, the remaining half deck, aka, 27 cards will be split into 3 somewhat equal piles.

Now, if you do the math, you know that each pile has 9 cards in it. From there, you can ask the volunteer to select a card, mentally, and then you will need to pick the deck in which the card is.

Levitating Card Trick

This is a very fun trick and you don’t need to be an expert to do it. All you need is some thin black string. You can either glue the string to the opposite sides of the card and for added effect, wear black clothing, so you can camouflage the string better.

Now you can easily make the card levitate, spin and even float, from your hand. It’s such a treat for the crowd.

Number Trick

This is a classic cards trick. You can ask the volunteer to select a number from 1 to 10. You can have the person tell you what number it is. But, where’s the magic in it? Well, here is where you need to get sneaky. Let’s say the volunteer said they picked 4, you will deal out 4,3,2,1 from the deck.

After that, you can show the people the deck of cards. Then, in order to get a reaction out of the crowd, you can predict the color of the card as well.

The Ace Trick

Last but not least, this trick is also a huge crowd-pleaser at birthday parties and other get-togethers. You will need a deck of cards and ask the volunteer to deal the deck. Once that is done, you can split the deck into piles of fours and on each pile, the ace will be on top.

How is it done? Well, you just need to do a bit of prep beforehand. Before giving the cards to the volunteer, make sure that you are putting all of the aces at the bottom of the deck. Once the shuffling is done, everything will fall into place.


There you have it!! Magic tricks are nothing more than a little hand movement and illusion. It takes some practice and you will master it in no time. Use magic supplies to make your magic tricks more fun and interesting. ronjo

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