All about silestone countertops

All about silestone countertops

Whether you’re simply seeking to replace your countertops in kitchen or trying to change it completely, Silestone tops may be a wonderful option. Even more than granite countertops at times. When these tops aren’t so old and are in the marketplace for just about 20 decades, they’ve grown tremendously common. Nowadays, they’re definitely the most popular choice to other popular kinds of countertops like granite and quartz.

Have you been confused between silestone tops along with other countertops? Well, if you’re, then this guide can allow you to select! Thus, continue reading.

What to know about them?

Within the following guide, we compiled a listing of facts which you ought to know about Silestone tops. These contain the following:

Silestone is quartz

Fundamentally, Silestone consists of 94 percent quartz. It mostly includes quartz crystals which are secured with several adhesives and resins. As a consequence of this, Silestone tops are really durable and tense. With that, they’re also quite resistant to scratches. At exactly precisely the exact identical time, they don’t let stains float in the material.

Consequently, if you really do hardcore cooking function on your kitchen which entails a whole good deal of intermittent spills, Silestone tops might be the very ideal selection for you.

Stain resistance

Silestone tops are stain resistant due to their compact and non-porous character. This usually means it doesn’t absorb any fluids. At precisely exactly the exact identical time, it also doesn’t need any sealing like natural stone surfaces perform. Consequently, should you just chance to purchase Silestone countertops, you won’t need to be worried about getting lasting stains like fluids such as oils, wine, and java. In the event you like to cook, these countertops could be perfect for you.

Very durable

Silestone tops are really durable. As it consists of quartz mainly, it’s resistant to dents and doesn’t chip off such as granite does. This makes it an excellent option for virtually any kitchen, and matches in a vast assortment of styles on account of a variety of textures as it pertains in.

Effortless maintenance

Care of all Silestone countertops is rather straightforward. This is among the additional reasons why it’s continually leaving the rest of the countertop materials supporting. Contrary to other hot materials like granite tops, Silestone doesn’t call for any sealing. Not only that, but also doesn’t need to be re-sanded because of nicks and cuts.

The appearance of Silestone shirt is essentially glistening and supplies a sheen obviously. Consequently, it doesn’t call for polishing regularly. Though, because of this reason, they might not be acceptable for kitchens which need a more natural appearance. If that’s the circumstance, granite tops will probably be better.

Many color choices

Silestone tops are essentially a form of quartz. This usually means they arrive in a vast array of colors and textures which you’re able to pick from. So, whatever your kitchen looks like, odds are you will locate an ideal Silestone countertop for your individual requirements. As a consequence of this, they’re more inclined to mix in with your kitchen. That is the prime reason Silestone tops are now extremely common. In reality, odds are that any contemporary modern kitchen can comprise these countertops.


Silestone countertops are an excellent way to spice your kitchen up especially if your budget is less and you still want a luxury appearance. While maintaining great affordability, Silestone tops will provide you excellent value and will endure for several years to come.

As an alternative, you might also have a peek at Engineered quartz countertops Potomac to find out whether they’re a better alternative in your kitchen.

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