Choosing the right crane hardware for your project

Choosing the right crane hardware for your project

When it comes to crane hardware, there is a range of different types. For instance, you can use rigging hardware such as hooks, straps, ropes, and a lot more with cranes. All of this is done in the case of heavy machinery moving and other similar tasks.

Nowadays, a large number of industries rely on rigging to carry out their everyday operations. Although some people may take rigging for granted, it has a lot of importance in the real world.

Though, for safe and successful rigging, it is important to make proper selection. Simply put, rigging should not cause any damage or injuries to the property or other items nearby. So, it is very important to follow safety guidelines.

Overall, users should be taking a number of steps to ensure that all rigging equipment is being used properly. Let us first take a look at these steps and see why they are important. These include:

  • Making yourself familiar with the information
  • Getting proper training for all the equipment
  • Having proper certifications for rigging
  • Wearing al personal protective equipment while rigging

The above-mentioned points are just some basic guidelines. Of course, they do not contain everything that you need to prepare yourself for. But at least, you should make sure to follow these.

Now, let us move to the different types of rigging hardware

Types of rigging hardware

There is a wide range of rigging hardware. And your selection would depend on what you want to achieve and your goals.


This is the first rigging hardware on our list. Hooks are very essential for lifting objects and they come in many different forms. Of course, different types of hooks are suitable for different tasks and types of material. So, you may not be able to use all hooks with all types of materials. So, you must make your choice intelligently.

Eye bolts

Eye bolts are used as anchor points for wires and cables. Crane experts choose eye bolts based on the requirements of the project and the load angle.

Steel nuts

Steel nuts are used along with the eye bolts in different applications of rigging. Mostly, steel nuts are made from stainless steel of type 316. These are very rigid, and durable. After all, they are required to be this way so that they can support all the heavy weight.


Pulleys are used to lift loads that are very heavy. The main purpose of using pulleys is to lower the force required for moving objects that are heavier.

In comparison to pulleys, blocks are easier to install. Furthermore, they can take up to 30 tons of weight. Another notable trait of blocks is that you can find them in many different sizes. In comparison, the range of pulleys may be limited.

Wire ropes

The main purpose of wire ropes is for lifting, mooring, and rigging. Typically, wire ropes are made from stainless steel. Furthermore, they come in a range of different strengths and sizes. So, you can choose the one that you want based on your requirements.


Now that you know about all the hardware that is used commonly in rigging, you are ready to choose the necessary ones. Note that all hardware may not be needed in some projects. The choice of the hardware will simply depend on your rigging needs and requirements.

So, when it comes to rigging, we suggest you only get what is enough for you to carry the project out. Before going to crane rental services VA, make sure that you are mentally ready and have done a good level of research on cranes and rigging hardware.

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