An Overview of The Rigging Industry

An Overview of The Rigging Industry

Rigging basically refers to the transportation or moving heavy load from one place to another. Rigging services are widespread and vast; completely depending on the type of services required by the subjective individual or company. The people who are professional engaged in shifting heavy load from one place to another are known as riggers. Basically, riggers are nothing but heavyweight machinery movers. There are different sections in which the rigging industry is sub-categorized in. Workers part of the rigging industry are involved in important and challenging tasks like arranging shipments, lifting cranes, machinery, heavy load and shift of heavyweight equipment between places as well.

Statistics for Rigging Failure Fatalities

Rigging is a widespread with several parts put together to form one wholesome industry. Over 38% of the total world’s population is engaged in such rigging services that require heavy load shifts and lifting as well. Unfortunately, as a result of the absence of proper preventive measures, there is a high number of rigging failure fatality rate reported every year. On an average, nearly hundred thousand machinery movers and workers get fatally injured or lose their lives to accidents at the construction sites or during work.

With the rates of fatalities so sky high, it is even more important than ever before to take proper preventive measures for self-safety and protection at work.

Types of Rigging Services

If you are wondering why there are so many jobs available for machinery movers and workers in this field; it is because these services are further sub-categorized into many types. The versatility of services makes more space for a larger number of people. However, all sub-divisions of services are closely interlinked to work as a united force that form the bigger picture of the rigging industry.

  1. Load Shifters

The load shifters are engaged in moving the heavyweight machinery from one place to another but there is a lot more that they do other than just shifting heavy loads from place to place. The load shifters or movers are professionals who offer maintenance, repair and machinery sale services in addition to shifting loads and heavy machinery.

This means that they have multiple sources of making money. The average weight that riggers in this service can move is around 12000 pounds with an average height of 210 feet.

  1. Crane Services

Crane rental services include renting cranes to carry out the rigging day-to-day jobs. The people in this field are not directly involved with the actual process of rigging but are in fact the lenders and operators of the heavy and big cranes. These cranes vary in size a lot; you get the smallest single-person operating crane to a large next level crane as well. All crane services are certified and authorized before they can begin official operations.

  1. Trucking Companies

For moving heavy machinery and gigantic load, you can’t imagine a normal car or even a hi-ace truck being able to do that, can you? Well, this is why the trucking companies are the most crucial part of the rigging industry. These companies provide big, long-length trucks to transport the heavy load between destinations.

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