5 Useful Freezer Maintenance Tips

5 Useful Freezer Maintenance Tips

Freezer is an expensive home utility and it should be maintained from time to time. Failure to maintain results in the repairing of this costly electric appliance. So, be sure to maintain your freezer by the following tips and save your cash. Otherwise, you would have to select one of the many commercial freezer repair services.

  1. Cleaning The Coils

Regularly check the condition of condenser coils. Overtime, condenser coils accumulate dust and debris and this affects the cooling of refrigerator. With heat having no passageway, extreme temperature can seriously damage the condenser. Other parts of freezer may also get affected due to collateral damage so precaution is necessary.

It is recommended to clean the coils at least once a year. If you find coils extremely dirty after a year, try cleaning them after every six months.

  1. Setting The Right Temperature

Optimum temperature is one of the secrets of a well-kept freezer. To keep your food fresh, the commercial appliance should host a temperature between 0 and 8 degree Fahrenheit at all times.

If you notice that the temperature is rising, there’s a likely possibility that the cold air might be escaping. In that case, check out seals around the door. One quack hack is to stick a dollar note inside the doorjamb. A good seal would make sure that the dollar bill doesn’t come out easily but in case of faulty sealing, the bill will come off easily. But this is not a proper scientific method.

For best results, we recommend going to a commercial freezer repair service.

  1. Balancing The Contents

One lesser known fact is that a freezer performs well when it is filled with food. You might laugh at this, but this is actually true. When the freezer is empty, it has to do more work to fill up all the empty space with frigidity. In case of more food, less energy is utilized by freezer.

For optimum results, fill up the freezer with at least two-thirds of the total area of the freezer. If you don’t have enough frozen food to fill up the place, there’s always a possibility of storing leftovers, soft drink bottles and fresh meat.

  1. Cleanliness Is A Must

A commercial freezer services professional suggests that it is a good idea to review the items present in your freezer, at least twice a year. At both occasions, make an inspection. Throw out old stuff and fill it in with new.

But before filling, take some time to clean the inside walls of the appliance with warm soapy water. Regular cleanliness has a positive impact on the lifespan of an average freezer.

REMEMBER: It is important to turn off your appliance when rinsing it with soapy water otherwise there is strong chance of electrocution.

  1. Having A Warranty

The freezer producing factories are run by humans and humans can make errors. Also, overtime, it is likely for an appliance to develop a mechanical fault. That’s where a warranty becomes a necessity. A warranty is an additional backup, in case your expensive freezer turned out to have a faulty part. Being budget friendly in nature, it is a must to have.

If you think the above mentioned methods are difficult to follow, consult a commercial freezer repair va service to take care of your freezer, for once and for all.

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