Basic details one need to know about osteoporosis

Basic details one need to know about osteoporosis

In osteoporosis, bones becomes brittle and weak. They easily break when subjected to mild stress in activities like coughing or bending over. Most of the fractures related to osteoporosis occur in wrist, hip or spine.

Bone tissues are constantly being broken down for replacing them with newer tissues. When creation of new bone tissues does not take place, it marks the beginning of osteoporosis.

This disorder occurs in men and women belonging to all races. But old Asian white women past menopause, have been found to be more prone to this disease. Healthy diet, regular exercises, and medications have been found to be very effective in preventing the bone loss and in strengthening the weak bones.


As bone destruction in osteoporosis takes place slowly and painlessly nobody notices it until a bone fracture takes place. But if you have any suspicion about the strength of your bones, you can test it in advance by undergoing bone density test. By this test one can determine whether his bone density is less than average or not. If the test reveals that your bone loss has not reached the stage of osteoporosis then it is known as osteopenia.

Causes for osteoporosis

  1. Cigarette smoking
  2. Excessive alcohol consumption
  3. Lack of exercise
  4. Poor nutrition and poor health connected with bowel disease or chronic inflammation
  5. Low estrogen levels caused as a result of menopause or as a result of removal of ovaries.
  6. Low levels of testosterone
  7. Chemotherapy that can cause early menopause
  8. Chronic inflammation in connection with arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, liver disease etc
  9. Immobility caused as a result of stroke or any other condition that immobilizes the patient.
  10. Hypothyroidism, a condition caused as a result of excess production of thyroid hormone.

Treatment for osteoporosis

The purpose of the treatment for osteoporosis is to prevent the bone fractures and to reduce the bone loss by increasing its density and strength. Early detection and timely medical attention can reduce the extent of bone destruction. No treatment offers complete cure. It is impossible to re build a bone that has been incapacitated due to osteoporosis. The following treatments can bring back optimal health of the bones.

Medications: Some medications are available in the market which can be used to increase the bone strength and reducing bone destruction.  Fosamax, zoledronate etc. are some of the very common medications used in this regard.

Lifestyle changes:  Quitting cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption have been found to be of very great help in increasing the bone strength of an osteoporosis patient. Regular exercises and balanced diet with adequate calcium and vitamin D also has been found to be extremely useful in reducing bone destruction.

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