Home Addition Contractor – Top Home Additions and Remodels to Help Sell Your House

Home Addition Contractor – Top Home Additions and Remodels to Help Sell Your House

Ask any home addition contractor, and they will surely tell you that there are remodels that are worth paying for, especially if you have plans to sell your house in the next few years.

Basement Remodel or Finishing

You lose an opportunity if you just leave your basement unfinished. A finished basement will be able to double the amount of your home’s living space. While there are buyers who might not see a finished basement as an added plus, those who have small kids will surely consider it as a great addition to the property.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Most of the, it is not really worth it to go all out for your kitchen remodel. It is not a secret that this kind of projects tends to be very expensive, and the costs can pile up really fast.

This is why keeping the costs of your kitchen remodel as reasonable as possible is going to pay you off better when you finally decide to sell the house.

When you speak of minor kitchen remodels, these can include projects such as cabinet refacing instead of replacing, cost effective luxury laminate or vinyl flooring that you can both install on your own instead of using porcelain or natural stone, and new solid surface counters in place of quartz or slab granite.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

A stone veneer is a stone-like composite material which resembles the real thing in terms of appearance. Their difference lies in the fact that this is not a structural stone. Instead, this is lightweight and flat on its back which lets it stick to the wall.

Nothing beats stone veneers when it comes to dressing up a property. Not just a mere siding replacement, this is in fact a siding supplement often added together with the lower third or half of exterior walls.

Fiberglass or Steel Entry Door

Does your front door lacks in terms of looks? Don’t forget that all potential home buyers are going to see the door first, and walk through this when they visit your property. When the front door looks unappealing, have it replaced right away with a fiberglass or steel door, or you can also opt for one made from high quality wood.

Wood Deck

Finally, you can also look for a licensed contractor dc that can help you in putting up a wood decking which is found out to return almost 82 percent of its cost at sale.

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