Day to day activities generally require movement of biceps, so biceps pain can be aroused at any time. The damage may be happened due to repeated motion during swimming or playing tennis. There will be pain in the front of the person’s shoulder and even weakness is experienced in the bicep.


Biceps Pain is the main symptom

The pain is the most common symptom which is seen in biceps. This will be relieved when a person takes rest and may need medication sometime. Sometimes, the person may need surgery to get rid of the pain. Pain in bicep is inflammation through the long head of the biceps tendon. The tendon in this area will become red and is swollen at times. The bicep may become dark red due to the inflammation. There may also be tendon tear and the bicep may be deformed and the arm may be bulged. The pain in bicep many be faced along with many other shoulder pains. The pain may be due to the rotator cuff. The person experiences pain due to arthritis in the joint and tears in glenoid, dislocation and impingement and even due to few other inflammations. The basic symptoms through which one can know that there is some problem with bicep, is that there will be pain in the shoulder and the pain increased when a person does lifting and other activities. There will be some snapping sensation as well in the shoulder of the person.


Visit a doctor to get off the pain

When a person experiences such pain, it is suggested to visit the doctor immediately. It is needed to discuss about the symptoms, medical history so that the doctor can easily treat the person and the treatment becomes easy. The shoulder will be assessed for the motion and the strength is tested.

Additional tests will be performed by the doctor to check the bicep function. Sometimes, X-rays may be asked to taken so that the doctor can clearly check the joints and bones. In few extreme cases MRI and ultrasound will also be taken as these images will show the soft tissues in the biceps. To treat the pain, ice packs can be applied on the swelling area. Few stretching exercises will relieve pain in biceps. In few cases when the pain is extreme and is not reduced with nonsurgical methods, then surgery is needed. The bicep surgery is done through arthroscopy. This will be done after doctor analyzes the condition of the bicep. Biceps pain doctor woodbridge uses small camera which is called arthroscope to check the joints.


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