Fall allergy symptoms-a big problem during the changing season

Fall allergy symptoms-a big problem during the changing season

With changing season, fall allergy is one of the big problems for those individual who have the tendency to suffer from seasonal allergies. People who are suffering from fall allergies, experiencing the symptom of stuffed nose, sneezing, itchy watery eyes and some time headaches.

Causes of the fall allergy:

  1. Pollen is one of the main causes of this allergic reaction. Pollen is something that will be released in to the air by certain plant or trees. Our body immune system reacts to the pollen. So try to create histamines in your body as way of the defense.
  2. Next biggest cause of the allergies is ragweed. Approximately, from the middle of the august month, ragweed produces pollen which will travel more than hundreds of miles affecting the fall allergy sufferers, if the plant does not grow in the area.
  3. Mold is another biggest reason of fall allergies which is found in most of the damp areas.


Protection from the fall allergy:


  • People with seasonal allergies; have to spend much time in indoors and at dry place. They have to get the fresh air; the quality of air inside the home can help to protect from allergies. The doors and windows of the home should be shut and using air conditioning or air purifiers can make the air clean all times.
  • While driving or traveling by car, the windows of your car should be closed. If you have to spend some amount of time outside, then after returning home, you should take a shower, which is extremely helpful to wash the pollen off from your body and these activities will also reduce the chances of getting any allergic reaction.
  • The best way to reduce the symptoms of the allergy is avoiding the trigger, like pollen, mold etc. and it should be done with very careful planning.
  • Depending on how serious the allergies are, you can take over the counter medication to get relief from the problems. Experienced pharmacists can be excellent resources to get effective over-the-counter medicine that might help.
  • If you want to get proper treatment from the severe fall allergy symptoms, you should take the professional help. Discuss with friends and other family members to get the name of a good doctor or specialist. Getting someone’s recommendation that has experience is far better than finding a new doctor through phone book or on the internet.


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