Boom Truck Crane Rental: What is a Boom Truck?

Boom Truck Crane Rental: What is a Boom Truck?

Boom truck crane rental is common in the construction industry. Boom trucks can cover numerous utility vehicles. But, what are boom trucks, anyway?

You have probably seen the arborist and phone company at the side of the road as they fix phone lines or trim trees from power lines while riding a bucket attached to the long arm mounted on the heavy duty truck. Even though you have been telling your kids that these are cherry pickers, these are actually a great example of boom trucks.

Boom Trucks: An Overview

Boom trucks are the heavy duty trucks which range in size and power and have a boom winch or hydraulic lifting equipment mounted on their back in the truck bed. Their arms could be telescopic or circulating, which depends on the specific truck and its use.

These trucks can often range from the lighter trucks that have small booms weighing only as little as 105 kilograms up to the heavy duty flatbed trucks or the class 8 tractor trailer rigs that have booms to match. When the loads that will be lifted are bigger and the further the distance they need to be lifted, the bigger the boom winch and truck will be.

Boom trucks with cranes are famous in loading docks and construction sites. There are times when these trucks work better in small spaces, which require a short and compact boom called knuckle boom. If there is no problem with space, the boom crane could be a flat extension along the truck bed’s length, known as trolley boom. These vehicles have the ability of lifting as much as 50 tons and are famous for jobs such as shipping containers, construction materials, and mobile offices.

What Can Boom Trucks Do?

Did you ever wonder how they manage to bring concrete to the top of tall buildings during their construction? There are boom trucks that can do such job. These vehicles come with a pipe with nozzle at the tip, allowing them to pump concrete directly to high places.

That ladder truck your kid is talking about is also a great example of boom trucks. The fire departments also count on these trucks to gain access to upper levels of buildings for their rescue operations and to shoot water directly to the fire.

Boom trucks are definitely very useful and the most reliable large trucking services can provide you with these trucks when you need them.

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