Commercial Oven Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Commercial Oven Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

If you recently bought a commercial oven, you want to ensure that you follow proper commercial oven maintenance to prevent expensive repairs. Don’t forget to read the owner’s manual for specifics for proper maintenance of the oven. Also, never be hesitant to ask questions to your supplier. Many suppliers will be more than happy to provide post-purchase information since they have in depth knowledge about the products they offer, and it is likely that they have dealt with ill-maintained, broken, and faulty products in the past.

Tips for General Commercial Oven Maintenance        

  • Calibrated Thermostats – Use of commercial ovens may become inefficient after some time since thermostats could get badly calibrated. You must check every few months to know if the thermostats have been properly calibrated.
  • Oven Door Maintenance – After some time, most commercial ovens develop heat and cooking inefficiencies. To maintain the oven door seal’s tight fit, do some regular checkups and don’t put too much force on the door.
  • Calibrated Buttons or Programs – The use of preset buttons or programs for cooking could get badly calibrated after some time. You can keep it from happening by re-calibrating the oven’s settings.

Tips for General Oven Cleaning

If your oven is not cleaned properly, sooner or later, you will experience performance issues, problems with flavor, and sometimes, even smoke. You can save yourself from these problems with just a mere scheduled cleaning.

Before anything else, you have to ensure that the interior of the oven is cleaned right away if a spill takes place. Spills need immediate cleaning since these could get quite harder to clean at the end of the day as they can get cooked into the interior. Spills can also negatively affect the performance of the oven, which could easily throw off a well functioning commercial kitchen.

Next, you have to make sure that you clean the interior of the oven at least once a day. Many commercial ovens could be cleaned using a detergent, but see to it that you check the owner’s manual first in case your specific oven requires a different cleaner.

Lastly, perform a more intensive cleaning at least once a month. Even when you clean daily, there are still some spills, chunks, and food particles that could get left behind.

By following these simple maintenance and cleaning tips, you could easily save yourself from costly commercial oven repair va, letting you make the most out of your commercial oven.


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